Test... can you see this video?

This is a test… if you click on this link, can you watch the video even if you don’t have a FB account?

I have no Facebook and can follow the link and watch the video in Safari on my iPad.

Yep, I have no FB account either and the video plays just fine.

I too do not have a Facebook account, and the video plays for me.

Where’d you get the spherical metallic hamster?

Yes. Plays on firefox without logging in.

OK, that got my attention enough to watch it… and sure enough, spherical metallic hamster ensued.

(if anyone’s wondering, he’s moving the magnet slightly, and that’s how energy is being put into the system)

I get the following:

(Firefox portable, no FB account)

I have a FB account AND I’m logged in.

Duckster, is that exactly what you’re seeing? Or did you paraphrase a little?

I find it interesting that your error message is worded slightly different to mine. (I cut & pasted from the screen, and it’s exactly what I’m seeing. )

I do have a FB account and I’m getting:

Sorry, this content isn’t available at the moment

The link you followed may have expired, or the Page may only be visible to an audience that you aren’t in.
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No facebook account - accessing at work through WebSense. I’m seeing the exact same message as Duckster, with the “right now” wording.

My guess is that the video has been removed, seeing as it worked for everyone three days ago. I can’t remember if I actually tried it or not, but it definitely doesn’t work now,.

I copy/pasted directed from the screen.

Went to the link again just now and got the same unavailable message, again.

Ditto for me. Could see it the other day but can’t now.

Sorry, this content isn’t available right now

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

It’s missing now for me too.