test for charter status

to see if it’s back…

Mine flew the coop awhile ago too.

May I test too?

ETA: Drats.

Mine’s gone as well. I see some still have theirs however so it’s a feck up rather than a change FWICS.



Is mine here?



Another Test

check. . .check. . .1,2,3.

I never notice whether I’m a charter member or not, so that’s not a big deal.

Turning members into guests, though, is a royal pain for both sides. Guests don’t have a location showing, which is often helpful when answering a question. And you have to doublecheck “join date” to know if the guest is new or not.

What am I? And where?


Is this thing on???

Me three, but I think I’m outta luck.

Yup, outta luck.

Just out of curiosity (I just noticed today), is this a board glitch that will eventually get fixed or a new thing? Sorry if I missed a sickty somewhere…

“Be patient folks … it’s not like you paid any premium for it or anything.”

Oh wait.

Same for me.

Testing mine now too

are you there Charter? It’s me D-Bear