Test - Multiple Choice Poll

Many things are possible with Breakfast. Everything is better with Bacon, so what goes best with it?

Bacon-wrapped dates are the most yummylicious bacony thing.

Bacon-wrapped bacon topped with bacon bits.

xash - I have a whole bunch of them in my fridge right now. Stuffed with blue cheese and grilled. They are there because no one at the card night would eat the damn things. You want me to ship them to you? :slight_smile:

haha :slight_smile: Or I could just come over for card night next time. As no one I know said, “You can’t choose your cards, but you can choose the playas”

I picked two choices to see if I could. It worked.
Plus, scallops make me hurl.

Awesome - I’ll hit you up next time Bunko’s at my house. Personally, I just hide and drink the wine…

All of the above. Nothing is not better with bacon.

Another test, getting the formatting for nice thread links

“Anyone want to start an SDMB reading group?”

Cheese and onion are great with bacon. So is oatmeal. Just not all of them together.

I have some bacon in the fridge ready to make chocolate bacon strips. Don’t see why I can’t have that for breakfast along with chocolate milk and cholate doughnuts.