Test - Pardon the interruption

Do I look the same? Will I be the same?

Do I need an avatar? Do I want one?

WTF? You can’t click select/copy/cut text anymore? Seriously? Must be me.

Oh, I see. The default highlight shading is now invisible. Interesting!

This is a teste. One of two, Hugh. Or five.

See the sticky at the top of the forum. It’s a browser bug (Chrome and Firefox at this point) triggered by an incorrect setting in our mobile theme. Switching to the old Straight Dope v3.7.3 theme (lower left corner) will get rid of the problem.

It’s on our list of things that needs fixed in the mobile theme.

Much appreciated! Thanks.

Welcome back, KarlGauss. Been a while. I enjoyed our last chat, which revealed that you were not yet dead. :wink:

Give me time!

Take all the time you want. We’ll see who gets there first. :smiley:

Not me but I know several judges who could depending on your jurisdiction – I mean location. :wink:

Need to test something in existing thread.

Welcome back from the left tail of the distribution of posting frequency!