New laptop. Can't select text in compose/reply text boxes?

Hey all, I just bought a new laptop and I can’t select/highlight text in these compose/reply boxes with the touchpad. Sometimes it want’s to sort of pick up and move the entire message as if it’s an image and other times it just does nothing. What am I doing wrong or does my new pc just suck? I haven’t had trouble in other forums’ text boxes so far. Thanks

It’s the default forum theme.

Switch from “Sultantheme” to “Straight Dope.”

Should be good after that.

Oh jeez there’s even a sticky. Thanks!

I was seeing the same problem. But it just happened, since I’ve been using Sultantheme for a while with no problems.
It started after a Firefox update, if that helps.
Works now. Thanks!

I’ve had the same issue for a week or three now. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s annoying. I also use Firefox, so that’s probably the issue.

I suggested that the TPTB here find a couple of other mobile skins to test out instead of the buggy piece of junk they selected but I think Tuba wanted me to google it for her and I never got around to it.

The thing is, you CAN select, you just can’t SEE that you’ve selected. So go ahead and drag your cursor over <whatever> and then select bold, or italic, or cut, and it will happen like magic. The bold/italic markups will appear around the selection.

I seem to keep switching randomly between the two skins depending on phases of the moon or something, but the functionality is still there, so I’m happy.