I would cut and paste something to complain about Firefox...

…but for some reason, I can’t “select” text on SDMB with Firefox. I can with Edge, so it’s not entirely a site problem.

It does the same thing for me in Firefox. However, I found it really is selecting…you just can’t see it is. Highlight carefully, copy and then paste into something and you’ll see.

Odd problem though.

Scroll to the very bottom, change the box in the lower left to Straight Dope v3.7.3, not Sultantheme.

I was having issues with both Firefox and Chrome though. And you can still select the text, you just can’t see your selection box.

You learn something new every day.

Stupid sultans suppressing selections.

I switched to Chrome and have never been able to select any text on SDMB since. Makes me want to go back to Firefox but I’m a creature of habit now.

Check out post #3. Fixed the issue in Firefox for me.

Seeing as this is a complaint about the board itself, I’m moving this thread to ATMB.

Now that this is in ATMB, I should probably point out that there is a sticky at the top of ATMB that addresses this in detail.

There was a bug introduced in Chrome a while back that was then copied by Firefox. The bug is triggered by the style sheet we use for the Sultantheme mobile skin. That style sheet originally had a section to set the selected text color that was then commented out. Whoever created the theme changed their mind about having a special selected text color, I guess. What Chrome and Firefox should do is just ignore it since it is commented out, but they don’t. Instead, they get confused and don’t set the selected text to any color.

The TL/DR version is that the text is being selected, but you can’t see it being selected.

We could edit the style sheet and make the bug go away. Technically the bug would still be in the browsers, but we would no longer be triggering it. It’s on our list of things that need fixed around here. Since we currently do not have a full-time technical admin, I do not know when someone will get around to fixing it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh thanks!!

You really ought to change it in your UserCP settings, so it will stay fixed, and you won’t accidentally have links that switch the theme for others.

Try to say that ten times fast.

It’s never changed back. I don’t see anything inherent in links that would choose a particular theme?

Didn’t know there was a sticky, thought I was the only one before this thread!

Wow. I had also noticed that the selection box was invisible, and didn’t realize there was a fix. Thank you!

When I change it using the dropdown, I get the following URL for this page:


There does seem to be a cookie as well. But, of course, you can lose the cookie, or use a different browser or device, and the cookie won’t be there.

If you change it in the User CP, it applies to your entire account.

Thanks, I get that too, but only for that page. If you navigate back to this thread via User CP, the URL is simply boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=863726 does that happen for you or is the style still there?