Test post. Boring, please ignore

Hello, Dopers! Let’s see if I can get vB code to work on the first try.

Bold type created with the handy li’l SDMB button.

Italics and an italics/bold combo.
[sup]Superscript[/sup] and [sub]subscript.[/sub]
What happens if I try putting a subscript in a superscript, like this: [sup]super [sub]sub[/sub][/sup]?

Here’s a list:
[li]Milk[/li][li]Eggs[/li][li]Cherry-flavored lubricant[/li][li]Bread[/li][/ul]

Let’s try combining subscripts, superscripts, font sizes, and colors all at once (egad, if this works the first time, I’m treating myself to a drink).


Let’s try linking to a specific post. Here we have the words of the lovely Gaudere, in which she says:

An admirable admission (and hopefully I just used the quote function correctly).

Look! It’s some of those damn smilies! :slight_smile: :confused: :rolleyes: Don’t worry, smilie-hating Dopers, I’ll use them sparingly.

Finally, let’s try typing some symbols. What language uses the ÿ character anyway? (Note: that was a rhetorical question! Please don’t move this thread to GQ! :p)Another smilie? I thought he said he would use them sparingly!

And if this were the Pit, I’d be compelled to add: ®µ¶ª¿!!

Now I’ll use Preview…

…And it’s a good thing I did. Forgot to close a tag.

Well there ya have it! My first post! Toldja it was boring, but did you listen? NoooOOOooo.


…And now I know how to reply to a thread. This was pretty easy!

It’s late, so no more posting today. See you soon, Dopers!