TheNewbie screws up a bunch of code! (first test post)

Well, I’ve had enough! I want to be stylish and cool. I want to quote other dopers, I want to give links, I want to be in bold baby! And I’m going to do this all on my own. No asking for help, no looking at instructions, and damnit no preview!
Have I gone crazy you ask? I don’t think so, I should be able to figure this out since my major in college is Computer Science! So I need some of you pro-dopers to rate me on my first vB code performace.
[li]Style[/li][li]Accuracy of Code[/li][li]Correct Usage[/li][/list=1]

So as one smart person probably said

You could email me (,or just do it the easy way and rate my performance by replying here

Well, personally, I find underline to be silly. Use italics instead.

Also there are a few things you’re missing. They aren’t in the vB code link, but were added for the scientific types in GQ and stuff. Without them, we could never talk about H[sub]2[/sub]O or how e=mc[sup]2[/sup].

Also, there’s smilies.




Welcome to The Straight Dop[sub]®[/sub]e!

I didn’t know you could do that!

Can it go further? Enquiring minds want to know!

a[sup]b[sup]c[sup]d[sup]e[sup]f[sup]g[sup]h[sup]i[sup]j[sup]k[/sup][/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup]


How 'bout dat!

F[sub]e[sub]n[sub]r[sub]i[sub]s was[/sub] h[/sub]e[/sub]r[/sub]e[/sub]

Oh, my. I see the potential for fun! :smiley:

T[sub]h[sub]i[sub]s[/sub] [/sub] [/sub][sup]C[sup]o[sup]u[sup]l[sup]d[/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup][sub]B[sub]e [sub]R[sub]e[sub]a[sub]l[sub]l[sub]y[/sub] [/sub] [/sub] [/sub] [/sub] [/sub] [/sub] [/sub][sup]F[sup]u[sup]n[sup]![sup]![sup]![/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup] [/sup]

Or It could get really annoying :wink:

Either way, I’m still having fun! Thanks for the help guys, you’ll be seeing TheNewbie around for a long time. Whether you want me or not! :smiley:

[sup][sup][sup][sup]O[/sup]o[/sup]h[/sup]! L[/sup][sub]e[sub]a[sub]r[sub]n s[/sub]o[/sub]m[/sub]e[/sub]t[sup]h[sup]i[sup]n[sup]g e[/sup]v[/sup]e[/sup]r[/sup][sub]y[sub]d[sub]a[sub]y.[/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub]

That didn’t take long.

I believe this is browser dependent.

Anyone out there that sees steps of two letter instead of one?

So why doesn’t permissiontofreelspeekly have a post count, or a member status?

And as soon as I posted that, (s)he does. Must’ve been a hiccup.

**A note on the [**sub] and [sup] functions

Though it seems to depend on the browser you are using (for viewing, not for submitting, of course), you can get small text by interlocking the [**sub] and [**sup] functions. So tell me [sup][sub]if it works for you[/sub][/sup].

When it works, the text is small but the baseline is maintained instead of pushing the lines above or below it (depending on whether you used [**sub] and [**sup], of course) away. Neat.

I also tested the limits of the [**quote] function, which I think ended up being around 12 or so nested quotes. God how I would love to have an argument so complicated as to require that! I think I would quit posting forever, and retire as king of the world (Emperor Norton was my grandaddy ;)).

IE5.5 here and the text is still subscript.

Interesting… I have IE5.5 too and it does work on this browser.


Oops, this machine has IE 5.0. It’s hard to keep all this hardware/software crap straight when you have more computers than people in the house! Geeez! Sorry :slight_smile: