Test post please ignore




Evaluate sin[sup]-1/sup

it’s all greek to me.

I wonder, in trepidation, what he is preparing to do.

You ain’t the only one. I expect BIG things.

Yeah, multi-valued “functions” always give me the creeps.

And for the record, it’s not Greek to me, nor to anyone else using Mozilla (including Netscape 6, Firebird, or Firefox). In what I consider a spectacularly poor design decision, Mozilla only recognizes a specific limited list of fonts, regardless of whether other fonts are available, and Symbol is not on that list. So for us, anything marked as Symbol will appear as the default (Latin-letter) font.



When do you expect the ringing to stop?

Let me try…



Sweet, unicode is teh r0x0r

my first post :smiley:

Wull hallo thar.

This first post has been Graped by a non-Grapist!

Get your own schtick! What are you, the Grape Ape?


How about the Grape Dane?

Better yet: Gorilla Grape!

You said this wouldn’t be on the final!

Alberto Grenado.
This is a test.