Test post

This is the only way I can think of to see my post count. Sorry.


Wow. 41 posts since 01? I guess you wait until you really have something to say before posting :slight_smile:

I love the OP.

Once upon a time there was a peer who had been sitting in the Upper House for about 20 years without saying anything whatsoever. One day he rose from his bench to speak. His fellow Lords were agog with anticipation and speculation regarding what important matters of state he was going to hold forth.

He cleared his throat before asking somebody to open a window because it was hot.


You can bring up any user profile by their name this way:


The plus signs, obviously, are used for blanks in the user name.

There’s one in every crowd…

*For cryin’ out loud
Why was is always turning out to be me
Piano roll blues
Danced holes in my shoes…

W. Jennings

SSG Schwartz

Cool. Never knew you could do that. Another way to get to your own profile is through the last link under Quick Links.

I forgot about that one! :smack:

I’d best be leaving well enough alone.

Where did you find this trick? It is very useful.

Somebody else posted it long ago.

Cool, thanks.

General Contact Unit?