How Do I Find The Profile Of A User Who Has No Post Count?

The subject pretty much covers it. Mr Cazzle’s two efforts at posting were lost during the downtime, and I don’t know his user number. How can I locate his profile? I’m curious to see what date he joined on, and so forth.

I think that as a mere mortal, this is a power that you do not possess. Methinks it would involve an ancient and obscure search incantation, which might be seen by some as a bannable offense.

Your best bet is probably to beg (bribe) one of the admins (bribe) to look it up for you (huge honkin’ bribe).

<possible dumb question>
You say his efforts at posting were lost in the crash, but is he still registered? Why not have him log in and post (or you log in as him and post) a test in ATMB, and then you can look him up?
</possible dumb question>

Replace “MrCazzle” with his username. No quotes.

And if the person has spaces in their username, replace the space with %20:

I’ll add this to the technical issues FAQ.

Thanks everyone!

Scarlett, I was waiting for him to confirm his new email address. He couldn’t post until he did that. And I posted in the middle of the night, so he was asleep anyway. Otherwise I could have had more luck tracking him down sooner.

See, I knew it was a dumb question. :wink: