test size coding


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Didn’t size=1 used to be considerable smaller?

Or considerably smaller even. [Listerine Smiley]

I thought it was a little smaller before the recent upgrade, but I thought it was just my deluded mind seeing it. Nice to know there are other deluded minds out there with me.

[sub][sup][sub][sup]But there are other ways to make tiny text.[/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub]

[sub][sup][sub][sup][sub][sup]Or even tinier.[/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub]

[sub][sup][sub][sup][sub][sup][sub][sup]How low can you go?[/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub]

[sub][sup][sub][sup][sub][sup][sub][sup][sub][sup]And so on…[/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub]

JFYI, that trick is browser dependent. The text is tiny in FireFox, yet an old copy of IE (5.0) shows it as normal subscript size no matter how many levels you use.

Hey, it’s fixed!!

I sware, yesterday when I posted that OP my size=1 example was normal size with the other ones slightly bigger.

I am not crazy damnit!!


that’s true of IE 6.0 as well.