I’m only going to say this ONCE. Pay attention.

If you try and code your responses using [Size=1 ] and [/Size ] then your whole message ends up with screwy type font. It looks just like this.

However is you use [ sub ] and [ /sub ], then it’s properly diminuative.

This has been a public service, fuckwits.

I don’t want to see this type again!

[sub]Which if you people had a scintilla of inductive intelligence you could have worked it out for yourselves without me having to go through all this explanation. GAH. Mazzen frazzen frickken fracken muzzen fuggen idiots.[/sub]


Nitpick, here.

You are aware that [ sub ] is for subscript type? Not, technically, for teenytiny type?

Of course, [ sup ] and [ /sup ] works just as well, from your POV, I’d think.

[sup]See what I mean?[/sup]

It all looks the same to me…

size=1 works for me

Really? They have an almost identical result for me, save for vertical alignment - what browser are you using?

And it’s diminutive, innit?

Either would do in a pinch. But both are heaps better’n [size=1 ]!

No, really they all look the same.
Am I missing something here?

I’ll admit I see the OP’s point, of course I’m using an imitation* browser, myself, and if I really cared I could just get off my duff and start using Firefox, or something else.
*[sup]Yes, I’m on AOHell. No rotten tomatoes, please.[/sup]

I don’t see any difference. Am I insane or something?

Dude, they’re identical, and I got good close eyesight.

Does the SMDB still have multiple stylesets? I can’t see the dropdown on this screen.

I just looked at this thread in both IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.0. The font was identical between browsers and examples - all small, normal-looking font. I might suggest the OP check for medication interactions that produce hallucinations.

[ Size=1 ] only looks different in IE if your Text Size is “Smallest” - at all other sizes it looks more or less the same, since the fonts used by vBulletin are Fixed in thread view.

Go to the first post and use <CTRL+Scrollwheel Up> to see what (I think) the OP is referring to. (Or goto View | Test Size | Smallest)

I think you are insane, they are the same.

And what if I wanted to use subscript in a teeny post?
For example, if for some reason I had to say:

The chemical symbol for water is H[sub]2[/sub]O

how it looks to me

HEY. I’m telling ya, it’s the truth!

Simply put, when people use [size=1 ], the result on MY screen is screwy font size that’s bigger’n the normal font. Looks sorta like Comic Book Font.

When people code using [sup ] or [sub ], then it’s teeny weeny type.

I’m using IE 6.0.

I’ll fuckin’ use size=1 if I want to. Who made you God?

Lobsang. W-w-w-what the fuck?

Thanks Dooku!
Now I see what he is blathering about…

That’s what it looks like on my screen, too. Check Dooku’s post and see if that doesn’t fix it. Meanwhile, I’ll continue being a fuckwit, I guess.