Test thread for moderating purposes

Tapatalk made some changes and I want to see if I can work all the moderator tools. Feel free to post to this thread so I can test.


Nyah nyah nyah.

Do your worst!

See if you can do a Marley.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

I’m not that good!

This thing’s got menus popping out everywhere.

Yeah, like we’re going to post in a Test Thread? What do you take us for?

We Dopers have a long history of honoring the sanctity of Test Threads.

Sanctity, I tell ya!

Five letters of the alphabet are (originally ABCDE):

Feel free to change my letters.

Testing won too.

I knew I could count on you, Digitie.

E is the fifth letter of the alphabet my name begins with E. Ellen has five letters, and so does my maiden name, for a total of 10. I was born on the 10th day of the 10th month.

Go for the trans free items.

That’s what she said!

nonny nonny boo boo

We aren’t allowed to create sockpuppet accounts, so p
lease create one for me. I should like it to be named whitetho’s sockpuppet, with an initial password of “EllenCherrySaidItWasOkay”. Thanking you in

( | )
:: runs away ::

Full moon is a few days late.

Tapatalk helpfully made a great big giant ban button in the moderator tools … so I suggest you people watch your step. :smiley:

Ban Tapatalk! Just get phones with bigger screens!

(slowly tap dances out of this thread…)