Test thread

This is a test thread. If a couple people could post something that I could test TapTalk’s moderator tools I would appreciate it. Thank you!


Is this a trick?

No! Not at all. I just realized Tapa talk offered the moderator tools and I wanted to try them. I suppose I could moderate my own posts but where’s the fun in that?

Wait a minute. Moderator tools? So you want to issue a warning/ban someone/kick them with jackboots from your mobile device? Technology is getting out of hand.

Moderate away. Please don’t make it so I have to open a thread asking my warning/banning/footprint marks on my backside be rescinded.

Respectfully submitted,

I don’t think anyone can type on those little bitty keyboards with jack boots on, Lare.

Can you correct my spelling errors?

Having had some time to think about it, I can’t help but wonder if she can make me a mod from TapTalk. I don’t know if I want to be a mod here (I’m way too sensitive to survive the ATMB pittings) but I’ve got a good tagline if I could moderate in ALL the forums…

Moderation in everything.

What’s wrong with your splinge?

It is splinched

There once was a mod, Ellen Cherry,
Who modded remotely (quite scary!)
But her wireless splinched
And her doom, it was cinched
For her jackboots wound up in Roxbury.

Oh that was lovely indeed.

Tapatalk adds the sig to every post. Weird.

Some are born to moderate, and some are born to be moderated. I am one of the latter.

Ivory’s gonna come after me with a big stick if I’m not careful.


Words words words words words. Words words. Words.


Ellen Cherry types with her toes? :confused:

I dare you to moderate this post!

<this space intentionally left blank>


I find it interesting that “test thread” is an anagram of Darth Teste.


Someone called?

I’ve never been a sig before! I feel all twitterpated!