Test Thread: I'm Learning About Quoting

I’m not testing quoting.

I’m testing spoilers.

I’m testing spoilers.

You might have wandered into the wrong thread.


Block the text you want to quote.
Click on the grey “Quote” box that appears.
Click on “Reply”.

If you were quoting the entire post immediately before yours, whether by using the above method or by selecting “Reply”, the quote disappears from your reply. To prevent this, before clicking on “Reply” Ctrl-C the quote (including the quote and /quote tags). Click reply, then edit the post, Ctrl-V, and “Reply” again.

I’m on my phone but I’m giving the double reply strategy a try.

Partial quote.

You can’t quote the exact entire quote. You can cut it off before the last punctuation mark, or some people add a hyphen at the end (as I did to demonstrate). Or add these characters at the end of their quote to insert an invisible nonbreaking space:   (ampersand nbsp semicolon)

It works but it makes me miss the old Dope.

ETA: I didn’t have to do the edit this time. Weird.

I take it that the Mods are OK with this. Altering anything within a quotation box was strictly verboten.

Adding the hyphen is akin to adding a <snip> to show it’s been snipped. I usually just put in the invisible space or drop the last period (if I have to quote the entire quote). See: We're All Here. Now What? (Basic Tutorial) - #23 by GreysonCarlisle

Trying the & thing.

The “& thing” is too hard to remember. I just type a space (which is what the “& thing” amounts to) at the end of the last line.

Trying the space thing. It seems inconsistent to me.