Test Thread: I'm Learning About Quoting

Finally time for me to test the quoting function. Now for some random text. Getting access for measurements was hindered by the well seal, pipes, wires and other casing elements. The well pipe was pulled up a meter or so to enable removal of the well seal. The seal was taken to S&H Auto Machine to have another hole punched for the measurement line.

And so forth.

If this works then the quoting function is easier, but a bit different, than the vBulletin method.

Now get off my lawn.

Would some other user please post a reply so I can quote someone other than myself? Thanks.

Well what should I say? Except that I don’t think that you can quote the entire text from the one directly before your reply.

Thank you Si_Amigo. I’m now working on links. But I’ll try quoting later this afternoon. What follows should be a link to a bbcode site Come to bbcode.org! And then there can be more text.

Another link could be to an ozone water treatment site I use: revolution ozone.

Umm. Uhhh.

So now I know how to multiple quote too. Zowie!

You don’t need to do a test thread. The preview pane to the right of your message whilst typing will give you a perfect preview. Just go into any thread and start messing around, just don’t click reply.

“Preview pane to your right” only applies if working from a desktop browser. On mobile, you have toggle preview on and off, and when it’s on it tends to eat up the space needed for the editing pane so not useful for realtime testing.

Frankly, I almost never bother with preview from mobile because of that nuisance factor.

Hah! Except when it doesn’t and you have to hurriedly try to edit your post before the five minutes are up.

I still cannot multiquote.

I’m learning too. I’ve been mostly absent since the upgrade and the sad news of Tuba.

ETA: Nope. That didn’t work.

I’m not figuring this out at all.

Ah. Got it. I think.

Testing, testing …

My first multiquote. Aint she pretty.


But… can we do 3 in a row?

Oh, yeah!



Yeah, baby! Multiquote lives!

I too am testing the multi quote or just quoting in general. ISTM that on my iPhone, the quotes always disappear unless I make a small change to the quoted text. Which, of course, is strictly against the rules.

It didn’t work at all so I put an extra space in my quoted text.

How are you guys making it work?

And that didn’t work either.