Test thread

Don’t mind me, just trying to see if I can get the edit window to work in this forum.

Ed Zotti

ETA: hm, editing seems to work fine

Yet another test post. Please ignore.

and yet another test post

edit - and edited

Are you guys putting on a puppet show, or something?


Post editing wasn’t working in the Marketplace. Admins and mods can always edit posts, so we had to put on a little puppet show to test it while we fixed it (or while Ed fixed it, I should say - all I did was test).

I’m… not sure how I feel about this…

Those who test socks may find themselves hosed.

And now, off to the cornfield? To meet He Who Walks Behind The Rows?


Who moderates the moderators?


The Mod Squad.

I banned myself in this case.

Which, by the way, even though it’s just a testing account, it’s still a weird thing to do.

You’re not gonna fade away now like Marty McFly, are ya?

Fun Seems Happening at this thread :cool: