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I have to admit, I missed one on the first quiz - the Sons of Liberty.

Great site - Thanks!

However I feel the need to point out that DDE did not lead the troops “at” Normandy (Webisode 12, q.10). While he was in charge, he was in England on that morning. Of the 4 choices, Gen Bradley was the only flag officer to actually lead troops “at” Normandy.

I got robbed, I tell ya…!

Wow, that was truly humbling. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on U.S. history, but I didn’t get a perfect score on any of them except #11. And I made some really low scores (like 3) on a couple.

Some of the questions are a bit poorly worded, though. For example: “How long did the Great Depression last?” And the choices include 10 years and 12 years. I’m thinking, “OK, there’s not an exact date for the end of it, but it was approximately from the crash in '29 until we entered the war in '41, so 12 years.” But nope, they gave 10 years. I’m going to magnanimously count myself correct on that one.

9 or 10 on the first one.

8 of 10 on the second one.

On #3…William Penn founded the State of Philadelphia?

I wonder about the certainty of some of these answers. This is why kids hate school. Essay questions with multiple choice answers.

“But Mom, I swear the test was unfair!”

“Back under the stairs!”

Umm, with questions and answers like this, I hope no one got a perfect score:

A city-state? Hmmm?

Wouldn’t that be the Army of Northern Virginia?

Oh well. I’m sure the quiz’s are as good as the money you pay for them (free). I just hope that a higher level of learning is available.

I didn’t do all the tests, my nerves and delicate sensibilities wouldn’t allow it. I suck at history.

But I didn’t do as badly as I imagined. Usually 7 or 8 right–trust me, this is good for me. Some of my answers were guesses, though.

The quizzes also seemed to focus on civil rights history, so I wouldn’t completely discount one’s knowledge of US history based on these quizzes (although they are pretty good :)).

The focus on civil rights and the like makes sense given the documentary that that website is for.

  1. A war to end Slavery, Q8

What was the purpose of the Civil War?

To preserve the Union?
To restore the Union?
To end slavery?

The correct answer was ‘All of the above.’ Preserve and restore the union? I’m English, so I don’t know much about it, but is that a fair phrasing? FTR, I did abysmally…