Test Your Movie Knowlede: The New Generation.


Okay, this is not your father’s TYMK!

Ok, so it is.

But we are gonna try something different this time.

Let’s do “Quotes!”

Regular clues are acceptable, but classic lines are the main slant here.

E.G I_L_1 “Everything I needed to know about my disturbing lack of faith, I learned from David Prowse”

I_L_2 “According to Robert Redford, that was indeed enough dynamite.”

You get the idea. Characters are acceptable if they don’t immediately give it away (e.g “Indiana Jones”), actors are though neither is required.
Ok, lets go!

I_L_1 “I really don’t think she has cause to doubt my commitment to sparkle motion”

I_L_2 “Everything I needed to know about auxiliary ambulation, I learned from Lionel Barrymore”

I_L_3 “Everything I needed to know about ladies apparel, I learned from Roman Polanski”

IL1: Donnie Darko

Lis1: “Skin that one Pilgrim and I’ll getcha another.”

Lis2: “Son, you got a panty on yore head.”

Lis1 “Raising Arizona”

I_L_4 “Everything I needed to know about whether a headache is caused by a tumor, I learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger”

IL4: Kindergarten Cop

IL4: wasn’t that Total Recall?

and wrong on Lis1.

Lis2: “Raising Arizona” :smiley:

Kidergarten Cop was correct.

Lis2 correct.