this is a test

test again

** to borrow from your test**to my test

okee dokey so that’s not how you center on here…hmmmmm


That would be kind of a neat tag to have though. Wonder how much chocolate we’d have to buy the administration to get them to put it in?

Okay. Now checking to see how you would underline here?

YES! :smiley:

1! Ya made it! Cool!

See ya’


Gee, I’ve been here for a year and I’ve never used the underline tag… underline underline underline


A workaround, but what the heck :slight_smile:

Atleast in preview it looked center :slight_smile:

Just delete a few spaces and you’ve got your center.

Use the

 tag. <code> text </code>

[The Count]

1! 1 wonderful poster! Ah, ah, ah!


                                                                                                            off center 

jest jesting

Not really. The “center” is entirely dependent on the resolution of the viewer’s monitor.