First line.
This is a just a test posting from a mobile using UC browser.

Formatting check.

The previous line should be blank.

This sentence displays with 1 line space above.
This is with 1 return.

This is with 2.
Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. 01234567890123456789.



Last line.

Testing editing.

ETA: Test.

Testing quote function.

Further testing of quotes.

Testing basic BB codes.

He’s his father. She’s his sister. He’s really dead. She’s got a wing wang.

Do not misuse the apostrophe!

Fancy words.

Important words.

[del]Maybe. Maybe not.[/del]

Hmmm. On preview italic, underline, and strike through don’t appear to be working. Might be the UC browser at fault.

Posting and then switching browsers.

Previously posted by Snerky

Yep. UC browser doesn’t seem to display those codes. Other browser can handle them.

Testing links.



Testing quick reply to see how it differs from the reply button.

I’m completely lost. Is this supposed to be multiple choice or essay? :confused:

Testing completed.

“This is also the place for test threads.”

Test threads come in all flavors.

It is quite clearly a long form essay test. 5,000 words about why?

You better get started dude, clocks ticking.

And I am naked and have not studied. It’s my worst nightmare!

Quiet, dude! This guy’s getting into something profound! :stuck_out_tongue:

Snerky Snerk, your BB code’s make my day. I’m confu’sed about apo’strophe’s though.

[sub]ETA: But Heaven help us when he discovers color codes though![/sub]