Testing discourse's "you've posted too much" nag

I’m just going to reply to this thread a lot and delete it to see what happens.

Geez, let someone get a word in edgewise, willya?

This one’s gonna get me alot.:neutral_face:

It keeps saying that you posted: (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

[quote=“EmilyG, post:10, topic:912773”]
It keeps saying that you posted: (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged

Yeah, I’ve wondered about that. At the old board a deleted post would still leave a permanent record I thought.

ETA I don’t know why it quoted like that. I guess I still don’t have the hang of it. Urgh.

The board might not react the same way to immediately-deleted posts as to ones that you leave undeleted.

Never mind.

Quote tags have to be on their own lines, by themselves. You had a “>” that had to go.

You guys

post too much

[Replying too quickly – wait a few seconds]

Well, better than the 60 second timer on OldDope eh?

Eta:3 in a row is the limit – seems reasonable

Good grief.

I’ve just been scolded for responding – four hours later! – to somebody’s reply to my reply to one of their posts; on the grounds that it was the third time I’d replied to him in the thread, and should give somebody else a chance.

Have these people never been in a live conversation? Of course people respond to each other multiple times! And four hours ought to be plenty long enough to let somebody else get into the conversation.

There are in fact a batch of other people in the conversation, some of whom had indeed responded in the meantime. But if nobody else wanted to talk, and two people did want to, what would be wrong with that?

That’s ridiculous. Were you prevented from posting, or just given an annoying advisement?

Just given an annoying advisement, in a box that popped up covering half the screen. Said box had an x in the corner, I clicked the x, the box went away, I finished the post and posted it.

So this goes under the heading ‘this is an annoying bit of nonsense’, not under a heading of ‘it’ll make the board nearly unusable.’ Nevertheless I could do without the annoying bit of nonsense.

Oh I completely agree. I’m annoyed just thinking about it. And I bet I get that warning for this post…

I guess I need to post three times.

ETA: huh, maybe it’s fixed already? I didn’t get scolded.

Shame on you! :angry:

No. It doesn’t seem reasonable. Because it isn’t.

I am often surfing the Dope at odd hours of the night, and in these peregrinations, it is not uncommon for me to happen across a thread that I have been neglecting. While I’m catching up, I often come across several posts to which I feel a response is merited (I do make an effort to ensure that my intended response has not already been submitted by someone else). So I submit the responses as they occur to me, and return to where I left off, finding more response-ready posts, and submitting responses. This can easily lead to a situation where I have submitted several posts in a row.

I do NOT need the board software commenting on the frequency of my contributions. In fact (and I have said in another thread), ALL content on the SDMB needs to have been submitted by a bona fide SDMB registrant. We need to have platform-generated content disabled.