Testing Signature


One more time.

Edited Options.


Using IE instead of Firefox.


Rebooted 'cause power cord detached when computer thrown against wall.

And why are messages in this forum in reverse order.

Okay, things are just weird.

I cannot get my signature to show.
(and I’ve been able to do it before.)

The messages in this thread are in reverse chronological order.

Oh! Oh! I see Miscellaneous Options at the bottom of this screen!
Could it be?
Will it stay checked?
Will Luke and Laura…

It didn’t stay checked.

How do I make it stay checked?

You cannot make it stay checked.

I feel obliged to mention that we (the moderation staff) vastly prefer that people use their sig once and only once per page. Sigs should not overpower posts. Your sig is nice and brief, so that’s good.

Thanks for the input.
I suppose you now expect me to do something actually productive with my computer?

Also, if you check off your sig, then preview (as is encouraged) before posting your sig will unclick. So the usual rule is “think twice post once”.

With a sig, it is “think twice, don’t forget to click sig twice”.

Well, gee wilickers, drat, dang, and darn.

Oh! Unchecked that option. <Exhales extremely loudly.>

Well, no, not really. I’ve always felt that what a person and a computer do in the privacy of their own home is strictly their business.

Although I do highly recommend Advair Diskus for that breathing problem you’ve got. Works a treat on MY asthma.

I’m glad this came up. I started using a sig for the first time yesterday. If this guideline was in the etiquette thread, I missed it somehow. You saved me some n00b embarrassment.