Testing the "continuing this discussion..." option

Continuing the discussion from What 95% vaccine efficacy means:

WHOA! This is very cool.

The option defaults to continuing the discussion in the same category, but you can move it (as I did).

I like this board.

Move on… nuttin’ to see here.

Whilst omnibus threads aren’t great, it would be bad if people used this feature too much and made it like reddit where every new digression splits apart. I like the balance of a thread that disappears when it’s had its time in the sun, but also contains some side discussion.

Thanks for the experiment. I wondered whether you could change the forum, but I think I posted it right away without looking for the option. I really like this feature. There are many times that I know my response on a topic would be a hijack, or I worry that it will be. Sometimes I just don’t post the response, sometimes I do, but I will back away from it if it seems like it is taking over too much of the discussion. I like how this feature lets you link to what prompted it, and then start that discussion, with whoever wants to follow.

The way to change the forum is not readily apparent. Under “options” you only see the forum you started out in. Click on that square and I think a blank appears where you can insert or navigate to a new forum. Hell, I only did it once… can’t remember. :roll_eyes:

Apropos of nothing: as a <choke> senior citizen I get that “test” every year from my PCP’s office where they say, “I’m going to say five words, and in a few minutes I’m going to ask you what they are.” Fuck them is what I say. Since the last two appts have been zoomed, I now write the words down. I’ve told this to several people and apparently lots of clever senior citizens do exactly the same thing, even in person. HA! Our mental acuity is just fine thankyouverymuch, you young whippersnapper.

That’s six words. You need to delete one. :wink:

A sign of declining math skills, which is also on the cognitive test (the only part my mom still aces, unfortunately).

Like I’ve said before, there are three kinds of people in the world-- those who are good at math and those who aren’t.

This is a test post. It is a reply to the previous post.

This is a test post. It is a reply to the original post.

This is a test post. It is a reply to the last post I didn’t make.