Tetris with people

A lot of French people with too much time on their hands re-create some classic Tetris action.

I think what really kills me is using people to make the noises, too. :smiley:

Nice! I will admit that when I was writing my dissertation I played Tetris so much that when I’d talk to a person, I really wanted to drop either another eye between their eyes or an inverted L down the nose to kick the eye row closer to the mouth row.

I’ve seen a very similar thing with pole position and space invaders. It’s on youtube. I’d post a link, but can’t access it from work.

French? FRENCH???


They’ve also done Pole Position, Space Invaders and Pong.

ETA: brewha, it’s at my link

I especially like how they obviously used a video of someone actually playing Tetris, bad moves and all.

s/French/mostly Swiss/

The director is Swiss, but I thought I read that it was filmed in France with French people. Hell, if nothing else, it’s in French so…there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you thought wrong! If you go to the link in my post, you will see that:
Pong (the first film) was made at an undisclosed location.
Space Invaders was made in Fribourg (Switzerland) during the “Belluard Bollwerk International” festival.
Pole Position was made in Ghent (Belgium) during the “The game is up!” festival.
Tetris was made in Lausanne (Switzerland) during the Urbaines Festival.

So, two were filmed in Switzerland, one in Belgium. The people in the video could be, of course, from anywhere.

I’ve seen Tetris played live at a gaming convention using people for bricks. Each brick is assigned a shape and then they start walking down towards the bottom and the player calls out left, right, rotate etc. When they reach the bottom they lie down on the mat in the shape.

IMO it looks really silly.

I’d say that, even by the strictest standards, this indicates too much Tetris.

If they played Bloxeed instead, could you start shooting people?

Gee, I remember a version of Tetris you played with naked people that you had to join them to get them to dissappear.

Sextris. Third link on google. You had to connect their “parts” to clear.

That’s hilarious, but I’m slightly offended by someone calling Tetris “one of the very first video games”. I doubt if it was even the thousandth.