Texarkana: New Hockey Gods

Texarkana lies on the border between Arkansas and Texas. This is football and baseball country. The only other sport of note is stock-car racing. At least that’s the common sense opinion. We get snow coverage only a handful of days a year, up to a week once a decade. A frozen pond is only something we see in movies about the tundra up north.

You’d have to look far and wide to find a more unlikely locale to be the home of


Yes, folks, in the first year of the francise we made it all the way to the finals before losing in an overtime match to the New York St. Nicks! Along the way, they dominated the home league and beat last year’s champion Bloominton, Mn. Take that you Yanks and Canucks*. Not bad for a first-year team, eh?

Hockey Rules!

Here’s the story from the local paper.

*[sub]Yes, I realize that every one of the players is from the Great White North (which is what we call everything north of the Ozarks).[/sub]

What makes it so great is that they play in a converted Rodeo Barn, photos here. How Texas is that?! The Bandits are a hockey team even Hank Hill could love.

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One of the strangest juxtapositions of realities that I’ve ever experienced was when I attended two sports venues at the Travis Exposition Center a few years ago. There was the ** Bluebonnet Dressage Show** in the morning and the ** Ice Bats** hockey game in the evening. During the first, the spectators spoke in hushed tones and applauded each competitor polite. During the second, the fans screamed obscenities and threw their bodies against the glass in frustration every time the competition scored. Weird, very weird.

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Hockey kicks baseball’s ass as entertainment and as a sport.