Texas Governor Abbott has the secret to stopping all rape and has decided to let it continue

I like that… “If being shot is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it!” :+1:t4:

Now the anti-vaxxers are going to be upset.

It would be more efficient if they pointed their guns at Abbott.
Alternatively, find some big steps in Odessa, TX, and do a Battleship Potemkin on his ass.

As Quicksilver said, the primary purpose of his statement was to change the subject from something which made him look bad to something that Republicans view as one of their main strength namely being tough on crime.

But to shine up that turd and give what he said the most positive spin, I think he was trying to say that the problem with pregnancy from rape isn’t the pregnancy, it’s the rape, and so the best way to solve the problem is to stop the rape from happening in the first place, and the Republicans are better at that then those weak woke Dems.

I’m sure there’s some kind of tortured logic at play that made the statement make sense.

But I see no reason we need to do the legwork for it. I don’t really care what he was going for. Ultimately, his intentions were self-serving and foul. And while there’s utility in knowing how such people think, there’s already been too much effort paid in this particular case.

Maybe he could make all Texans eunuchs.

Nah…too easy.

No logic, it’s simply a practice of the modern anti-abortion movement to reject out of hand anything that would cloud the moral clarity of their position. That’s how you get Todd Akins’ statement from a few years back how in a “legitimate rape” the female body “shuts all that down” so the woman can’t get pregnant. Or Abbott hand waiving away pregnancy from rape as something that simply won’t be an issue because Texas will eliminate all rapists.

The anti-abortion right cannot stand the idea that their position may be one of anything less than unerring righteousness, so they simply refuse to concede any circumstances in which a woman became pregnant against her will.

What about all those cases where virgin women get pregnant, against their will, through divine intervention, huh? What does Abbott have to say about cases like that?

Nope, the virgin in question gave consent to the pregnancy: Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Who said anything about that virgin? What about all the others? In particular, those in modern-day Texas? What are they supposed to do if they didn’t want to get pregnant?

Clear disparity in power, there. How could she comfortably say “no”?

But they all really wanted to get pregnant. Secretly. Maybe they didn’t even know they wanted it. But if it happened, you can be sure they wanted it. Let’s face it, don’t all women want to get pregnant?

Well, to be sure, we have all learned that women who don’t want it have a way of “shutting the whole thing down”.

So there’s the bottom line reason why Texas didn’t need to have any kind of exceptions to their new abomination law.

I think that’s the first thing they teach residents who choose the OB/GYN field. Which explains all the women on the SDMB who’ve recounted the obstacles they faced when they asked for hysterectomies when under the age of 50.

Too bad that’s the one crime that pretty much everyone thinks the Democrats do better at stopping. Republicans tend to come off like they would rather allow 10 women be raped than have one person falsely accused of rape, even if they are later exonerated.

Well sure if you count good old boys giving girls what they are asking for (otherwise they wouldn’t dress that way), but as we know Real Rape only happens in dark alleys and is perpetrated by black people preying on our women folk or illegals streaming over the border.

<disclaimer: In case it isn’t obvious this is a parody and not my actual opinion>