Texas Governor Abbott has the secret to stopping all rape and has decided to let it continue

In defending the Texas abortion law against the charge that it makes no exception for rape or incest (which is probably also rape, because no one is thinking about consenting adults when they mention the incest exception), he says the law doesn’t need that exception because they will stop the rapists.

I think stopping rapists is a wonderful idea! I wonder why no one has done it before. Why hasn’t Abbott done it already? It boggles the mind.

Here’s one of a ton of available cites:

What an flaming evil asshole.

I, for one, think it’s terribly brave that Abbott is willing to take personal responsibility and blame for every rape to occur in Texas from this point forward.

That’s what’s happening, right?

Ya know what they need? A law that allows private citizens to personally sue anybody they think is either trying to commit rape or anybody helping facilitate sexual assault.

Maybe a law allowing anyone to sue the governor for any rapes going forward, since he has said he’ll put a stop to them.

Oh and if somehow it happens anyway, it’s ok.

He assures women they have 6 weeks to deal with any pregnancies from rapes, showing his utter disdain for and lack of empathy, medical knowledge, and common decency.

I’m assuming that Abbott is simply going to remove rape from the criminal statutes, therefore eliminating the crime of rape. If you are not arresting anyone for rape, or prosecuting anyone for rape, then obviously rape has been stopped!

Easy Peasy!

I think he’ll have to start patrolling the backseats of cars and college dormitories. Only like 30% of rapes are done by strangers. Although, given that Abbott is an evil bastard, he probably doesn’t consider spousal or date rape to be real “rape rape.”

Maybe this is how the conservatives come around the other side. Eliminate police departments or reassign them all to traffic duty. Suddenly there aren’t any criminal arrests or investigations. No crime! Problem solved.

Not too far off — pretty sure there’s some fine fellers down in Texas (or Idaho, or Florida) who’d figure that as far as actual crime fighting the police can’t beat a bunch of Good Guys With Guns. Let daddy or big brother gather friends and neighbors with ARs and rope, to deal with anyone desecrating the young lady’s honor w/o asking them for her hand first.

I posted this in the other thread but it bears repeating. The six weeks is from the first day of the last menses which means that women only have four weeks from conception (ie rape) to obtain an abortion.

Also, as I’ve learned, the “heartbeat” that these laws target isn’t a heartbeat at all. It’s basically a special effect by the sonogram machine. The fetus or zygote or whatever it is at that stage doesn’t have a heart yet.

It’s not just the sonogram. There is electrical activity at the node that will eventually develop into a heart. So, yes, ‘heartbeat’ is fanciful and exaggerated vastly beyond recognition. There’s no heart and there’s no beat but there is the analogue. And that’s enough of a relationship to fact for a bunch of con artists to blow up into bullshit the gullible rubes who vote for them will swallow gladly and come back asking for more.

“Come on, now. Boys will be boys! That lady gave consent by wearing that skirt.”

How dare this asshole talk about rape as if he’s got the power to stop it. I just ‘can’t’ with these gullible people. There’s little to no nuance to their thought process.

Dead “baby” = bad.

That’s all it means to them.

Speaking of, (potential,) rapists, fuck Kavanaugh too.

Does the law actually define “heartbeat”?

I wonder something: We know that Abbott is a cripple.

And yes, I know that calling someone a “cripple” is seriously disrespectful. In this case, disrespect is intended and deliberate.

And I think I understand that paraplegics, depending on the details of their case, may be entirely unable to engage in sexual activity, or to have any sensations “down there”. It is one way for incels to be incels.

So I wonder: Is Abbott a raging angry incel, due to his disability, and now taking revenge against the universe for it?

I prefer the term “Ethically Challenged”.

Yeah, it does. For purposes of the statute, it includes ‘cardiac activity’, which is what would cover things at the very earliest stages when there wouldn’t be a well defined cardiac organ, much less something that has regular contractions.


These folks are evil, not stupid. The ones near the top anyway. The bottom feeders are both.

Yeah, that law is actually a pretty creative way to bypass judicial review. I just wish he’d tell us how he’s going to stop all the rapists. Why is he keeping this to himself? Does he want women to continue getting raped? (Yes, apparently)