Texas Governor Abbott has the secret to stopping all rape and has decided to let it continue

And, of course, if the Holy Ghost rapes her, then we have a new messiah.

Until the baby is born. Then it fights for right to be Messiah. Probably does the latter on a GOP ticket.

Of course, if they really went by the Bible, they’d give the woman an abortifacient, and, the baby survived, that would mean it wasn’t rape.

This brings to mind one of the medieval tests for witchcraft, which entailed stuffing the woman into a sack and tossing her into a nearby pond. If she floated, she was guilty and hanged; if she sank, she was a) innocent, and b) drowned.

We would also accept “moralityfluid”.

Some politician said (I don’t recall who) “Rape is inevitable, so you may as well lay back and enjoy it”

Another said “It’s impossible for a woman to be raped if she is wearing jeans” That almost sounds like he’s speaking from experience…

I think that was former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight that said that. He may not have been the originator of that quote, however.

Former Texas Gubernatorial candidate Claytie Williams. Ended up costing him the election to Ann Richards, the last Democrat to hold the office.

It was a different time in Texas.

Thanks for the correction.

But later, in somewhat more enlightened times, they just weighed her to see if she was lighter or heavier than a duck.

Then the gummint kills him. But he is not forgotten.

A paraplegic man certainly can engage in sexual activity of either oral or manual nature.

Also, you shouldn’t assume that a paraplegic man is unable to get an erection or engage in penis-insertion sex - many can’t, but also many can. Spinal cord injury can be capricious and the details differ from case to case. Without naming names, we had a very active Doper post-spinal injury who was very clear on the facts that while his legs no longer worked his dick certainly still did. Even in men post-injury who no longer have full sexual function it’s going out on a limb to assume they have NO sexual life of any sort, or that they are unable to achieve some sort of satisfaction and pleasure from what they are able to do.

The problem of incels is not simply a lack of sex, it’s also a lack of being able to form any meaningful sort of relationship with a female of the species. Men unable to function sexually often still can have meaningful relationships with women. I’ve known of at least one elderly couple who married and lived happily together despite the man being unable to function sexually. Being able to have sex is better than not being able to do so, but it’s not a simple lack of sexual intercourse that results in the toxicity of what we currently calls “incels”.

Governor Abbott is still married to the woman he married three years before his accident. Presumably, they still have a meaningful relationship. Regardless of whether or not Abbott is able to engage in particular sexual acts I would not describe him as an “incel”.

I think that “evil asshole” is probably more accurate.

And about time, I say. Have you looked into that other guy? I was shocked to learn he was from the Middle East, and pretty dusky-hued. And he keeps going on and on about helping the poors, rather than donating to Kenneth Copeland and Joyce Meyer like a good Christian.

I can and do support that description.

And Tex Antoine,

Wow, so much bigotry in one quick sentence. Amazing.

I’m sure they when he launched this pearl he didn’t squint his eyes or put on (what he thought was) a “hilarious” accent.

And just to add, I enjoyed this line from the Wikipedia article:

Also, Confucius did not really say that quote.

Confucius say, “The fuck I didn’t!”

Perhaps women in TX should take advantage of the lose TX gun laws. “Enjoy This! BANG”

Sorry, sort of channeling Thelma and Loise. I’m a man, a gun owner and love that movie.