Text editor opinions-- freeware or super cheap

As some of you don’t know (heh) I am currently engaged in teaching myself Java. I also code webpages (for myself) and use notepad for a lot of it. For java I actually stick in Win98’s DOS mode, and use doseditor to code stuff.

I know there are some nice text editors out there that are much more friendly and offer excellent functionality-- can I get opinions on any freeware ones that are worth the bandwidth to download? I can also shell out about $20 if there’s a super-duper one that is worth buying.

I use UltraEdit. I think it works really well (I do SQL-based webpages). It’s simple to use (and I’ve gotten great response when I had a couple of problems - the problems were mine, not the software’s), plus it has lots of features. It’s got a lot of add-ons for various coding needs; I haven’t tried them, so I don’t know what they have for Java.

IIRC it’s about $30. They’ve got free demo software, so you can try it before purchasing.

UltraEdit works great for me; I use it for plsql and java alike.

My favorite editor is EditPad Pro from JGSoft. It’s not free, but it has a great syntax coloring feature.

You might want to try Vim (http://www.vim.org). It’s a freeware Vi clone available on darn near any platform you can think of. Learn it once, use it everywhere. Very keen.

That being said, I’ve registered UltraEdit too and would recommend it if you don’t mind the fact that the author seems to be a religous nutball. (With apologies to all the other religious nutballs out there…)

EditPad all the way. The version I use is postcard ware. Great, great program.

I am a big fan of textpad

http://www.texpad.com (I think)

great little piece of software. I use it solely for HTML editing, but it has powers beyond that without seeming weighty or irritating.

Two more thumbs up for UltraEdit. In my field (automated litigation support) its the everybody uses and loves.

I’d like to toss in my favorite text editor before I got Frontpage 2000. Arachnophilia is my favorite bar none. I did hundreds of websites with it, and while it is not as robust as some other freeware editors it does allow for a lot of customization for users who are into that sort of thing.

Check out the site for more info, but I think you will like it.

For HTML and normal text file editing, I’ll have to second Lazarus7’s recommendation of TextPad.

For Java, I’ve always been a fan of JCreator, in part because it behaves almost identically to TextPad.

Textpad is fully-functional “nag-ware”, with a registration price of $27 dollars. Jcreator has a freeware version that is missing a few features, but is still a very good product.

Both are very easy to use, yet still powerful. Definitely worth a look.

Another vote for EditPad. On the Mac side, BBEdit Lite is the way to go.

…as a great alternative to BBEdit Lite on the Mac side, check out Tex-Edit Plus