Text Messages - How to print?

Can text messages from a cell phone be imported to a computer and then printed? If so, how?

Forward the text message to your email address.

I’m looking to print 300+ messages.

Call your provider and see if they store them? I give up.

I take it this is just a basic phone you’re talking about? For most smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) it shouldn’t be that hard to import your messages to the computer. I know at least with the iPhone there are several ways to do it. If you have a phone that’s not designed to connect to a computer, I doubt there’s a whole lot you can do.

Don’t forget the quicker option: to not print them. I bring this up, because the last time someone asked me something like this, they wanted to confront their mistress with an (imagined) flirtation.

So if you’re printing text messages to prove that your co-workers are conspiring against you, or that your spouse doesn’t really care about an issue that’s reaaaally important to you, or to confront a mistress… just let it go.

Motivation is to put a drug dealer out of business.

Oh, excellent. Keep us posted!

Take the phone to the Police Dept. and let their techs figure out how to extract the text messages.

Are printouts even admissible as evidence? I’d think they are too easy to fake - especially if you’re printing them by forwarding them to an e-mail account.


Damn, kayaker beat me to it.