Thai fishermen catch 646 pound, 9 foot long catfish...

Unfortunately, it died soon after being caught.

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I wonder how long two people could live off of a fish that size? Quite a while, I would imagine.

I have a sudden hankering to go fishing.

Scary thought: I wonder how long a fish that size could live off two people.

That’s…monsterous. I have to wonder how exactly they managed to catch it.

I think you’re going to need a better pole.
[sub]No pun intended[/sub]

Man, that’s gonna take a mess of hush puppies!

I’d hate to be a Thai right now, because once the other catfish figure out that their god has been caught, they’re going to be mighty pissed. :eek:

And reader’s of Terry Pratchett know what happens after that.

Well…not exactly what happens. Only bits.

Grisly bits.

Sorry, I seem to have caught a small case of the apostrophes.

There is going to be a lot of fishermen planning vactions to Thailand.

Could any of you guys approximate the age of that fish? Wow, at that size, it probably has few predators, and probably could’ve lived on several more years if humans hadn’t caught it.