Thai police forced to wear Hello Kitty armbands as punishment

I love Yahoo news. Otherwise, how would I learn about earth-shattering news like this?

They should have to wear those surgical masks in the file photo, too.

Frightened Criminal: Who—who ARE you?

Policeman in Hello Kitty mask: I’m…Kittyman!

I think I would find a cop wearing a Hello Kitty armband more creepy.

Hello Kitty’s private army?

Hello Kitty’s secret police?

Hmmmm. That might explain that shipment that Darth Vader received.

Shit. I would think that would be a reward.

Herro Kitty!

I’ve been laughing at this all day since I saw the Yahoo article.

Ah, you are rate! You must wear Herro Kitty ahm band arr day!

On a side note, I landed in Japan for the first time on Saturday. I hadn’t even left the airport before seeing a Hello Kitty icon. It was a piece of luggage made by the Hello Kitty people, and being carried by a flight attendant. Made my day (or at least my 13-hour flight).

I can’t believe they forgot to mention this ( )!
I was hesitant to link it up, since I thought some people’s supervisors or employers might not think this was as hilarious as I did. That, and the link mentions tentacle sex.

I think he’s using them for this.

Oh, and BellRung, if you need any travel advice, my e-mail’s in my profile.

That is perhaps the greatest article ever

Thanks Auto, I might take you up on that-- however, until I pony up my $15, I can’t see profiles. I’ll probably get around to it soon, I’m just crazy busy during orientation.

“Additional upgrades can be purchased at these sites. [Black & Decker] or [Craftsman]”??

You really don’t want to know the images that have collided in my brain on reading that.

Do the Thai police pay licensing fees to Sanrio for their use of the Hello Kitty likeness?