Thank Thor THAT'S over--April Fool's Day

It’s now 12:30AM. April 2nd. And I wanted to say Thank Thor April Fool’s Day is over. Cause I hate April Fool’s Day, though it does seem to bring The Fools out. I managed to get through the day without anyone doing anything lame and semi-funny, then shrieking “April FOOLS!” and grinning like a moron.

Who’s with me?

Your fly’s open.

…and your socks are untied.

I, too, hate the silly pranks that most April Fools play; OTOH, I love a good hoax. Like the recent stunt on a San Francisco radio station, wherein the morning talk hosts “April Fooled” their “movie reviewer” into thinking that he was fired; it ended with him flinging a chair at one of the main personalities and storming out. Of course, he was in on it – the real April Fool was the other co-host, who thought the “fired” guy’s meltdown was real.

This year, I wrote a press release from my company stating that we sent all the employees out to buy California Lottery “Quick Pick” tickets with company money ($1000 per person) and won $174 million. One previous year, I wrote an SOP detailing how to run the coffeemaker.