Thank you, Dopers!

I’ve been posting about myself a lot recently. It’s hard being laid off from a job I liked, and a year before (or after) I was really ready for it. I’ve gone through the stress of buying a house, and am a bit stressed out from being unemployed and by my upcoming move. It helps to have an outlet.

And members of The Straight Dope are coming through with support.

I’ve had e-mails from Quasimodem, Turbo Dog, cadolphin, Shayna and Spiny Norman, Jodi and Nymysys, all wishing me good luck and offering moral support.

It’s hard for me to be the recipient of such good will. Usually I try to be the one doing the giving. To be on the receiving end… well, I’m just not used to it. It’s a little overwhelming.

So I just wanted to post here to thank all of you, those who e-mailed me and those who have offered their support in the threads, for being such wonderful people.

Thank you.

We think the world of you, Johnny, and are grateful to have you as our friend, so how could we do any less? You know if there is anything you need, you only have to say the word. We’ll miss you, my friend.

What Shayna said!

I can’t say it any better. She has a much better way with words then I ever have had.


We’re pretty nice up here too, so Johnny will fit right in. :slight_smile: I’m sure a job will be forthcoming, when things settle down from your move.
If not, maybe we’ll have to have a DopeFest adoption party. I, personally, am not allowed to bring any new pets home. :rolleyes: :wink: :smiley: :o :eek: :dubious: :cool:

Especially when that pet comes with a motorcycle, a half-restored MG, and a classic Willys, right, Johnny?

Honestly - we’ll miss your wit and wisdom at future LADopes. Thank goodness Birch Bay has internet access.

See you in November!

I loves me some Dopefests!

Rico: The thing is, I’ll bet Earthlink/Netcom doesn’t have any local numbers up that far! (I haven’t checked.)

Well, you’ve always been at the top of my ‘Respected Dopers’ list, and I have a hunch I’m not the only one that feels that way.

The outpour of support was inevitable.