Thanks to the Dopers

Having just read Sqrl’s SDMB-warm-fuzzy Game, I find I am unable to narrow things down to just one person. I also suddenly realized the kindness I have been shown by some of the people and I don’t remember if I had emailed them in return (I’m horrible about that kind of thing). So I thought I would start my own thread to thank all the Dopers who have helped, tried to help, and have been in general kind and generous to me lately.

Shayna - COME BACK!! I MISS YOU HERE! She has been so sweet and kind. We email and talk on the phone and she has never failed to be there for me. When my parents were on the verge of divorce, she was there to listen. When I hit hard times with Honesty (my GF), she was there to offer advice without being judgmental. When the GF had the miscarraige, she offered sympathy and kindness. If I ever meet you IRL, Shayna, you are going to get the biggest bear hug of your life for being such a good friend. Thank you.

evilbeth - Your screen name is the most blatant case of false advertising I’ve ever seen. No matter what you name yourself, I still think you are one of the sweetest people here, letting me bug you at work with my personal problems and all.

purplebear - Nothin’ but sweet, 24-7.

Zette and Catrandom - Thanks to both of you for offering to buy and send me things to help me battle my depression. Also thanks to everyone else who helped in the thread Just Me and a Cat - and I Don’t Even Like the Cat. There’s too many to name you all here.

yojimbo - Thank you for your kind email regarding Honesty’s cancer. It’s so moving to know that people care even though you’ve never met.

tatertot - Thanks for your supportive email after hearing about Honesty’s miscarriage. I don’t know if I or Honesty ever responded, but rest assured it was appreciated.

Coldfire - Just an in general thank you. When I’ve had trouble here, you backed me up. Your words after finding out about Honesty’s cancer were sincere and truly appriciated.

TubaDiva - Thanks for your emails and for being so kind and offering a shoulder for me to cry on.
I hope you gave me a standing offer, because if I do need someone to talk to about my depression, you will hear from me.

I’m sorry if I left anyone out, but that’s all that is coming to mind right now. I’ve had a bad few months and I just want to thank everyone who’s helped me through it.

You and Honesty are both more than welcome. I hope only better times are in the future for the two of you.


Your welcome anytime, Crunchy. I hope things are looking up :slight_smile:


Anytime, Crunchy!

And I want Shayna back too. Well, I talk to her every night on ICQ, and I know why she’s not posting currently, but still: I wish it were different. She seriously rocks.

Hope you and your girlfriend are coping with things, Crunch.

Hey Crunchy, no sweat.

I’m still here Saturday through Thursday every week if you ever need anything! And hell, if you need somebody on Fridays, just call my work number and they’ll get in touch with me!

I hope things are looking up and I’m glad you have some people you can talk to about things! We’re all here for you!

Your welcome Crunchy. I just hope it all works out and glad to hear your making the most from a bad situation. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Crunchy. You’re such a dear, you’re easy to be nice to. I do hope things work out for you and Honesty, and that her health concerns all have the outcome you’re hoping for. Call me, email me anytime you like, dear, and I’ll be here for you.

For a dear, sweet man I’m proud to call my friend:

{{{{{{{{{{Crunchy Frog}}}}}}}}}}
Remember: depression is only a state of mind. So, move to another state! :stuck_out_tongue: <said with love, of course!>

No, no. You’ve got it backwards. I’m thanking you. You can’t thank me for thanking you or else will be here forever thanking each other off.

So after a good thanking, your line is: “You’re welcome, Crunchy Frog, who is the greatest and most wonderful person aside from Cecil himself to ever grace this message board. Your wit is sharper than, um . . . sharper than a uh, a really big sharp thingy like a razor or something only sharper than that even. You are also the juiciset hunk of man-meat I’ve ever seen and I have shown all my girl friends pix of you on the web and we all want to have hot, steamy, wet, monkey orgies with you.”

Yep. Absolutely. :stuck_out_tongue: You are indeed, and I’d love to have steamy, hot, wet, monkey sex with you. :wink:

If I wasn’t already married, that is. So, I’ll just have to dream about it. <insert sassy, grinning, winking smilie>

Ron, you are just the absolute sweetest!! I’m really, really glad we “met” and became friends. You are one of the finest additions to this board in all the time I’ve been around, and I’m honored to have you as a friend.

My sisters were just out here in California and the one who lives in Canada went from here to St. Louis for a visit. I was so envious - I wanted to sneak into her suitcase and join her. I promise on my next trip home you will get that hug returned 10-fold!

I hope all is well for you and for Honesty. Here’s a cyber-hug to tide you over…