Thank you Dr. R. B.

It started last year when I had some tests to rule out a benign brain tumour. There WAS no tumour, but you informed me that my deafness (caused by a botched-up stapedectomy 8 years previously) might actually be able to be repaired. (I had previously been informed that there was no chance of my hearing being restored because I had suffered sensory-neural hearing loss the last time). The possibility of being able to hear again was too good to knock-back though, so I signed up for the surgery.

I had the surgery last Tuesday. I vaguely remember you testing my hearing level whilst I was zonked, and it was looking good. While I haven’t noticed an overt change yet (because of the swelling and the ear-packing), there have been enough ‘little’ things to reassure me that you are a brilliant surgeon, and if ever your wife leaves you…:smiley:

The tinnitus I have had, constantly, loudly and annoyingly for the last 8 years has dissipated to an almost inaudible buzz. In fact, I have to actually concentrate to hear it! Also, when I scratch my jaw-bone, there is a ‘deafening’ sound in my ear…whooooooooo-hoooooo. It is louder than my ‘good’ ear, so that is a brilliant sign. It means that the conduction is working just fine, and as soon as all the other stuff is removed, I’ll be just fine too.

So, thanks Rob. My kids might want to kill you because they won’t be able to mutter things under their breaths anymore, but I think you are a champion.


WooHoo ! Congrats and many many well wishes along with a happy snoopy dance thrown in just for fun !

Let us know how this progresses , medical science is amazing sometimes !

Congrats! This is terribly exciting!

Wonderful!! I’m so happy for you!