Thank you for fine place to come for though & conversation

Wonderful place!

Hi @JoePockets.

Nice to meet you

I agree, and welcome. Thought, though.

Hardly a neighborly welcome.

Rest assured we all make typos.
Me, especially.

I’m sure he just needs coffee.

I owe you an apology.

I intended that to come through as more akin to banter than hostility. We do tend towards a board culture of precision and a tendency to correct or dissent. But that’s no excuse for making someone feel disparaged when they just came to the party. I really meant the welcome part.

No problem, Hunter3

Welcome to the Dope! I started lurking many years ago, and never thought I’d still be an accepted member of this place after 20+ years. I love this place, and I hope you stick around and enjoy it as much as I have.

I feel like someone should warn you of how addictive this place is.

I actually retired, partly to spend more time here…

now you tell me!

Nahployment strikes again…

To ‘t’ or not to ‘t’. Thought is the question.

(No, I will not stop!)

Don’t thank me - it was like this when I got here.

See? Y’all scared the poor guy away.

I can’t be the only one on the welcome wagon.
Come on folks🤗

edited to correct punctuation

But will you sop?