Would I Be Welcome

Months ago, it seems a lifetime ago, some very hurtful and angry words were exchanged. I swore I would never be back, and I wouldnt have, if not for the loss of Wally. Over the last days, I have posted a few times, driven in my greif to find comfort with those others who were suffering. This place is full of Wally.

I find it awkward here, like an unvited guest at a party, and I feel it would be appropriate to ask if I would be welcome to stay.

I cant promise to agree all the time with everything I see, I cant promise that I wont speak up when I see something I perceive as wrong, but I will try to be polite about it.

I would like to stay, but if it makes anyone uncomfortabe, I will go.

There have been alot of words of forgiveness in the last days, and in the spirit of forgiveness, I am willing to let the past go.

I will await your reply,

Kelli ( formerly known as Kellibelli)

Of course, I don’t get into any of the fighting that goes on, so my opinion may not mean much to you.

Actually, I’m glad to see you and others come back and let the past go. Life’s too short to live it in anger, hate, guilt and vengence.

So, you get one Welcome Back, anyway, Kelli. Maybe it’s another testimony to the power Wally has here, he can bring people back together in spite of past differences.


As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t have any problem with you coming back to the board, but hey I think you knew that anyway ;). [hijack] I guess your b-day was as bummed out as mine was. :frowning: I was thinking about you [/hijack]

Geez, Kelli, please come back! You always were a great addition to the Board, and I was very sorry things got so cross-wise between you and Ed. I don’t think you need permission from anyone but the Kahuna (what do you say, Ed?) but I, for one, would love to see your smiling pixels back here. :slight_smile:

You said a lot of nasty things about the board, some members and the moderators. If I was you, I’d be scared to come back, too.

Homer, this is a lesson for you relating to your job - don’t burn bridges!!

Eh, I didn’t see where she burned any bridges, exactly. Tempest in a teacup, is what I thought.

However, I have to say that as user names go, I like “Kellibelli” better than “Warman”, babe. Not quite so confrontational, you know? Unless it’s like “warmin’ up” or something. :slight_smile: Besides, “Kellibelli” is a Real Person, and if you’ve been lurking at all, you know the kind of sock puppet invasion we’ve been dealing with lately. You’d have to spend 90% of your time explaaaiinnning over and over and over again, “No, I’m not yet another sock puppet”.

Hey, we’ve had people do worse things than blow up at Ed, and they’ve come back.

I’m assuming that this is the real Kellibelli I’m speaking to, and not yet another hosiery manifestation. Tuba, do we have a way to confirm this, e-mail or something? I’m at the paranoid point where I don’t even trust what’s in the profiles anymore.

Kelli, you were never banned, and your posting privileges were never revoked. (At least I don’t think they were. Can’t check right now for arcane technical reasons, but try posting under KB and see what happens.) Of course you’re welcome back. As a matter of technical detail you’re only allowed one screen name, so decide which one you want to use and we’ll disable the other one. Happy posting.

Thank you Ed.:slight_smile:

Mr. Goose, this is indeed Kelli, and Warman is also my name, (you really think it sounds confrontational? wow, wait till I tell my Dad!)

I didnt think I could use kellibelli, and in my haste to post my preyers for Wally, this is what I came up with ( I actually tried Kelli_b first, but messed it up - Tuba emailed me and asked which one I wanted to keep, I said Warman, but now I think I should have stayed with kellibelli - you are right, I will have to explain it a million times.

SaxFace, I regret any harsh words on my part. Anything I said was out of hurt, not hate, and as I said, I would very much like to put this all behind us.

Life is short, regrets are long. when I think of all the quality Wally-time I missed… well, I dont want to miss out on the other great people here.

With the new software, we can change your Warman name to Kellibelli, or whatever you want. Write an administrator, and say EXACTLY which name you want. For instance, do you want kellibelli, KellyBelly, etc. It’s up to you.

Welcome back Kelli, I’ve missed you being here.

Heck, if attacking Ed were a bannable offense, then where would Cecil be? I never even saw any of the fighting, myself, so it’s no problem for me to welcome you back.

Hey, Ed, Chronos has got a point there!

Next time Cecil starts to boss you around and insult you, you can threaten to revoke his posting privelidges at the SDMB!

Sure, he’ll laugh at you, but for a brief millisecond, you’ll feel like you have something to hold over on him, right?

Welcome back Kellibelli…it’s so good to see you here, where you belong.