Thank you James Dobson

I didn’t see any glee in that particular quote or that it was stressed any more than rough house games.

Why mention it all? Why does he think it’s a positive thing for a kid to see how big his dick is? That’s some creepy shit, man. So is the “roughhousing,” for that matter.

As little as I think of Dobson that quote is benign. “Hey, I’m just like Daddy except for how we’re different.”

Of the things Dobson says that’s one that I think he is correct about . I don’t think the “Just bigger” is the important part more the “Just like his”. Rather than kids sitting around wondering if they are “supposed to be that way”. I think it is an important realization that it’s just the factory equipment, with some variation.

What’s creepy about “roughhousing” with your child?

It’s creepy when you follow it up by showing him your cock.

Look, if other people are willing to let their kids shower with Dobson, more power to them. The guys just trips my perv meter.

Yes, I think that’s it. And while I share your disdain, I don’t think making no effort to conceal one’s Hammer of Thor is quite the same as “showing”.

It’s just something about how he said it – like letting Junior see dad’s junk is the purpose for the shower.

That whole quote was from a lecture about how to keep your son from going queer, oddly enough.


There’s nothing creepy about roughhousing with your child.

But there is something creepy about making sure you “roughhouse” with your boy (and not do all those faggy “girl” activities) to reinforce the idea that your boy is a Boy and should do Boy Things and not catch teh Gay. This reeks of the stereotypical father who insists his son go out for Football because if he doesn’t, and prefers to read books or something, then that’s a Queer Warning Sign!!!

And while there’s nothing wrong with a Dad sharing a shower with his infant son, there is something creepy about the premeditation of planning a shower with the express purpose of showing off each other’s naughty bits.

What Dobson suggests by itself isn’t weird; but his emphasis on those activities and the priority he clearly places on it is, IMHO.

Yes I do … agree that is. Whaddayathink of that?

Ahhh, but see that’s not what you said. You made it sound as if roughhousing by itself was creepy. It’s not.

Ya… that he shouldn’t be pointing fingers (even though I agree with him) and sitting in the pews of that congregation at the same time.

I meant that in context with everything else he said, it all sounds creepy. I think Archive Guy’s post helps to crystalize my own thoughts on the matter. Understand that Dobson is proposing all this as a way to keep the kid from becoming homosexual.

He didn’t point any fingers in the speech. He cited Dobson and Sharpton only as examples of Christian leaders with differing political views. He didn’t attack either one of them.

I would also like to see some eveidence that Obama ever saw or heard anything egregiously objectionable while he was at Trinity. If you’re so sure he heard all this stuff for 20 years, then why isn’t it on all those hundreds of sermons that are out there on DVD. Fox News pored through years of sermons, and all they could cobble together was four or five decontextualized snippets of Wright saying anything close to controversial. If Wright has been such raving lunatic for 20 years, then why isn’t in on the tapes? Why is that 30 second loop all Fox could come up with?

Coming out of the shower …

Dobson is a religious extremist, and has been long before anyone knew who Obama was. The good thing about this is how McCain is going to handle it. Does he support an extremist who won’t even vote for him, or does he reject him and further piss off the extremists who might be convinced to vote for him even more. If he chooses the former path, he drives away the independents and the moderate evangelicals.

I’m pretty sure McCain will reject Dobson if asked about it.

Agreed that the whole quote is creepy in a bigoted, homophobic, methinks-he-doth-protest-too-much sort of way. I am teaching my daughter how to throw and catch a ball- Oh noes! I guess I only have myself to blame when she catches teh dyke!

Oh I’m familiar with the whackjob that is Dobson. And I would think that his most recent, excremental offering would be helpful to Obama.

I assume he’s trying to establish the “traditional” roles for the family and in this section he’s talking about affirming the boys maleness early on. Relating to his own body parts by seeing Dad has the same ones could be part of that. I can see that up to a certain age. Better that than “Those parts are dirty”

In this particular quote I don’t see penis size being stressed at all.

I don’t like Dobson because of his focus on gay marriage and abortion. With all that is going on he sees these as America’s most crucial issues? Add to that the attitude of Christianity having some sort of dibbs on America.

If there are a lot more quotes like this one then I’d up the creepy perv ratio myself, but not on this alone.

Of course there was that article in his newsletter

“5 fun ways to exspose yourself to your kids”

Okay, I didn’t know that. That is a bit creepy.