Thank you, Mayor Onoda

For keeping me from becoming too complacent over racism here in Japan.

I’m almost laughing too hard to rant, though. Your comments were so perfectly stupid that I can’t help thinking it was just a joke from SNL Weekend Update. Somewhere in that sake-addled pea brain of yours, did you actually think that you were making up for your original remarks? That the people you pissed off would say “Ohhh, now I understand, we’re all criminals! In that case, it’s ok.”

What to do? Do I spend my time trying to change one old fart’s opinion, or do I concentrate on the younger generation, teaching and working alongside his children and fathering his grandchildren?


[sub]p.s. His claim that foreigners commit 70% of the crimes in Shinjuku is pure BS.[/sub]

Watch out, he could have ninjas.