Thank you, Missouri!

From today’s New York Times:

The full article is here. (Note that NYTimes articles become unavailable after 30 days.) The statue was apparently in New York, awaiting transit to Missouri when the attack occurred.

What a great gesture.


Yep, I’m glad that we Missourians could at least give some small token to those brave men for doing all that they have done. I actually live 20 minutes from where the memorial for firefighters is where that statue was supposed to go.

Hey, I saw it today on a flatbed truck on 8th Avenue! Wondered where it came from. Now I know – thanks.

Thank you, that was touching!

I think I remember reading something in the Post-Dispatch a while back about the proposal for that statue. I can’t remember for the life of me where they were originally gonna put it, but I am glad they gave it to the City of New York.

A fitting tribute to those who were the true “Heroes”, and made the ultimate sacrifice.