What To Do With a Slightly Used Joe Paterno Statue?

So they took him away…what now?
Will they melt it down? Or will some fanatic alumnus buy it for his backyard?
All in all, embarrassing to all involved.
What did they do with all the Lenin statues in Russia?

Sold them to UC Berkeley?

I can think of one guy who will buy it. He’s been stocking up on Bounty for months.

Use it for target practice?

It probably won’t happen, but if they sold it (either intact or as scrap) they should give any money to the victims. (And a whole lot more money, besides.)

The sculptor who made it is upset about this:

Maybe they can go Stanley Cup style and let all the stubbornly-blind supporters of Paterno have it for a day. Matt Millen can cry on it, others can simply bow down in front of it. I’m sure some would want to caress it.

Melt it down and cast boat anchors out of it.

They’re going to put it inside the stadium instead of where ever it first was.

I’d say sell it in some form or another and give the money to the victims, as Dendarii Dame said.

There was a right-wing guy in Dallas who ran a burger joint (Goff) who bought one from the Ukraine, set it up to face west and added an “America Won” plaque.

I realize this isn’t your primary question, but a lot of Lenin statues are still standing, particularly (I was told) in the less cosmopolitan areas. In Moscow, a few old Soviet scupltures are gathered into an outdoor park.

Maybe Sandusky can keep it in his cell.

After a strategically placed hole is bored in it.

Lenin statues are everywhere in Russia and he still lies in state on Red Square. Budapest, however, has a graveyard for old Soviet era statues. I think it would be a fitting place for another cult of personality hack.

Stick it up Jerry Sandusky’s ass.

Except he would probably* love *that.

Somehow, that got duplicated.

I don’t understand why they took it down. Couldn’t they have just turned him to face the other direction?

Just make sure you have enough paper towel tubes.
Seriously, though, I don’t know why they took down the football players as well.

Oh jeez. I thought when I read this that he was butthurt about his art being removed, but no. He’s saying Paterno “was a good man.” They should melt that statue down and repurpose it into a toilet.

I read the thread title and came to post this one:

Oh well.