Thank you notes from pets: cute or sick-making?

So my parents gave my cats a couple of cat toys for Christmas. The cats have gone crazy bonkers for them. I thought I might write a thank you note to my parents from my cats, but then my brain started spurting out glurge-worthy ideas like making some of the letters backwards and cutesy misspellings and I started grossing myself out. So what say you all? Cute idea or icky glurge?

Glurge. Unless you are usually a cutesy type person, then go for the moochie stuff.

Are you cutesy? lol :dubious:

Please write a cheerful note on behalf of the cats to your parents.
People who write in the voices of their pets/children/fetuses are just weird.

Unless your parents are actually into glurge, I’d nix the cutsey spellings and handwriting. But a small note saying, “Thank you Gramma and Grandpa for the toys!!! We love you-Fluffikins and Buster” is okay.

Hell, my mother STILL puts some of our pets’ names in the “From” space on our present tags.

Profoundly sick-making – even if you are a normally cutesy person. Writing a note is a really nice idea, though – just do it in your own voice. (If you really can’t help yourself, “If Fifi and Fluffy could write, they’d say…” would be acceptable – but even that is sailing real close to the line.)

Aw, c’mon people. Sure, if done on a regular basis it would be saccharinely cute, but surely just once is cute. Especially if you get a stamp pad and actually stamp the pet’s pawprint to the result!

OK thanks, I appreciate the reinforcement of my sick-making reaction. I don’t know what came over me. I’ll be back to my usual snarling self real soon, I promise.

(I thought of the paw print stamping idea but immediately went into insulin shock)

One suggestion?
If your cat is a talker like mine, just put him on the phone.
My mom gets a kick out of it ever time.

Of course he’s half siamese so all I have to do to get him to meow is glance in his direction.
Makes it real hard when I’m at home when I’m supposed to be at work and get a call on my cell. :smack:

Furball inducing ick.

However, a nice photo of the creatures (no cat lover I) playing with their toys might be something you could email/send to your parents.

huh. I suppose you all would find it absolutely disgusting that my pug has her own email address as well, wouldn’t you. She uses it to write badly-spelled email messages to Mr. Athena.

I don’t think it’s that bad if you do it once. My friend got my dog, Cherry, two chew toys for Cherry’s birthday, so I gave her a note that said: “Thanks for the chew toys! Cherry loves them.” But, ix-nay on the backwards letters and misspellings. Ick. Simplicity is the key. :slight_smile: Good luck.


One of my best friend’s got two or three presents from her cats and about as many from her husband and I found it really endearing even though I’m a general grouch. If they had been misspelled though, it would have crossed the line into nausea territory

my furry girls get presents from my friends furry guys. the girls write normal thank you notes (in different handwriting) to the furry guys. something like… “hey spike, thanks for the catnip mouse, i have to keep it hidden away from nod (she is so very naughty) so i can play with it alone and in peace. i hope you had a wonderful christmas, winken the wonderful.” a cat stamp will be next to her signature.

the notes are traditional now and the furry guys like to put tooth marks on the notes when they get them.

purfectly normal, really… no… really, i’m not kidding,…it’s normal.

How’s about a note that looks like this? -
Meow, meow, purr purr. Meow meow meow. Purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, Meow. Meow purr meow, mew



(then add a translation on the bottom - Thanks for the present. I really love playing with it).

For a letter from your cats it should definitely not have backwards letters or cutesy misspellings …

that’s only for letters from dogs. :smiley:

I got a birthday card from my mother’s cats. It said Outside:“A little bird told me you had a birthday”. Inside: “So I ate him”.

I didn’t think that was too cutsie. I thought it sounded just like them :).

So I think there’s a right and wrong way to do this…

I agree with betenoir. Something like: "Dear persons who came to visit and brought us these delicious toys: Thank you so much. We nearly chewed them all and my stomach hurts, so please send more.

cat & cat"

No misspellings. If a cat could write, he wouldn’t misspell :slight_smile:

I can’t believe you’re enabling Glurgists. This only encourages them, you know. :dubious:

Once when my cat had made water on one of my roomates pillows I bought him a bottle of whiskey and signed it from the cats. Backward letters and misspellings and all. I thought it looked OK. I mean that’s how Gary Larson does animal writing.

I assume he doesn’t like his whiskey neat then?