Thank You, Verizon DSL, for giving me an opportunity to escape.

Around January 2005, I signed up for Verizon DSL. I had been using dialup as a temporary solution but it pained me. Not having interest in or resources to pay for cable television at the time, my high speed internet choices were Verizon or a higher cable internet rate without the price cut that comes with cable television. So I took Verizon DSL, and it worked well. I can’t pit the first eight months or so of service.

Then I moved to a new address. I knew this was going to happen within one year when I signed up for Verizon DSL and was given the choice of a 1-year service agreement or a noticeably higher cost each month for an unfettered agreement. I asked if I could transfer that service agreement to the new, as of yet unknown, location. Whether it was two doors away, the next town over, or three states away (so long as Verizon was in said state). They said “yes, absolutely not a problem.” So August 25 or so, I give them a call saying “I am moving to a new location, I need to transfer the service.” I go through the motions to get it transferred, am assured that it will be up and running by September 6th (it needing more time than the phone connection for some reason).

On a hunch, I give them a call on the third or fourth, to check that it’s going to activate like it should. Lo and behold, the woman I spoke to the week prior had misentered the information for the transfer, and put it under the old phone number, deactivated as of the end of August. Which meant that, entirely through Verizon’s fault, I would now need to wait until September 19 for service! Fine, whatever. I’m stuck on this year plan until next January or so, I’ll suffer through it. They generously give me complimentary dialup in the interim. Whoopteeshit.

On the 12th or 13th, again on a hunch, I give them a call to check the activation date. I’m told that a technician is scheduled to come out on the 15th to activate service. Good deal. If it had fucking worked, it would have been, anyway. The night of the 15th, I have a miserably long redundant conversation with their tech support about the service being activated on the 15th, but not REALLY activated until the 19th. Activated is motherfucking activated. The tech came out, I have little blinking lights telling me something is going through, I just need my new username and password because in the original transfer fuckup, the username got deleted when the service at the old phone number was cancelled. Bitch doesn’t budge.

Today, the 19th, I try again. After two hours on the phone with (an admittedly helpful) tech support, I have nothing. Well, not nothing. I have my computer trying to send out, I have the world trying to stream in, but I have a logjam somewhere around the DSL modem. He puts in a service request with the network folk to see if they can diagnose the problem in more detailed, technical ways than he has access to. I’m currently in limbo on those folk.

But now I’m wondering about my billing. I was told August 25th that the cost of DSL would be suspended until it was up and running again. Well, in one sense it was running September 15th once the tech came out to my apartment and did his work at the box. Not that I had any usable service, but they could claim it was activated then and I should be billed from then. According to the tech woman from the night of September 15th (who couldn’t answer the billing question on her own), the service doesn’t start until the quoted date of the 19th. It’s the 19th, and still not running, so I say I shouldn’t be charged yet. Two-hour-long tech guy transfers me over to the billing department this morning, and I find out that I am supposed to be billed starting today, the 19th, but since service is not working and I was on the phone with their tech for two excruciating hours, I should keep track of when the service really is up and running for real so they can adjust the bill accordingly, so that they know when the 1-year service agreement begins.

Come again? When the 1-year agreement begins? I thought I was already under a one year agreement from January/February/Whatever when I initially signed up and was told that that one year plan could get transferred from location to location with the greatest of ease. That one was stopped and a new one is beginning? Am I going to be charged for an early termination fee because of this? And, oh yeah, I’m trapped in another year of your mediocre speeds and the WORST FUCKING AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEM AND mostly THOROUGHLY UNINFORMED FECES SLINGING HELPDESK MONKEYS?

I won’t be charged an early termination fee for the old agreement (we’ll see when the bill comes), and yes I am now agreeing to a whole other year of service without actually agreeing to any such thing because of how Verizon fucked up the service transfer to a new address. Or so the woman says. Having had just shy of a month of Verizon jerking me every which way but connected to the internet, I start railing. I’m pissed; I wanted to be out at the end of this year and to paraphrase Michael Corleone, Verizon pulls me back in. This woman, poor billing phone rep that really doesn’t deserve my wrath, informs me that with new service activation (which this now technically is. Never mind the eight months of service that I just had under a different phone number that doesn’t exist any more), there is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If I cancel by October 19th (or within one month of whenever service might actually begin in any meaningful way), there’s no penalty, no charges, no fault to me.

So thank you, Verizon DSL Billing lady, for telling me that I can tell your company to circle jerk themselves to blindness without my money without penalty. I think I just might take you up on that and now that I have cable TV, go with the cable internet instead.

Yes, and you can move your service to a new address at any time, with no penalty, and no interruption of service. And I promise not to cum in your mouth.

Sorry you’re having such problems. I did tech support a couple years ago for Verizon DSL. It sucks. All the red tape you had to go through just to get someone’s connection going. I hated that job, I liked talking to the customers, they were mostly nice and very patient, but it got annoying and tedious with all the “steps” you have to go through in order to find out what the problem is. I know that’s how most help desk places run, but I really hated it. I felt like I was a computer spitting out pre-formed messages to the people on the other line.

Go with cable if you can.

Glad I don’t work there anymore.

I also did tech support at Verizon. I also hated it because of the red tape.

The absolute worst part is when a customer calls and wonder why shit ain’t working. IF it turns out it hasn’t been connected we’d call the network guys and ALWAYS get one of two answers. 1)The startup (or connection date or whatever, I forget the name) has been pushed back or 2) they’re new location can’t get Verizon DSL and the person was misinformed by the sales rep (THAT happened a lot).

The poor customers who have been jerked around for weeks, if not months, already get screwed again and we’d be the lucky people who got to break it to the understandably pissed customers.

Do they still do the “have we provided you with excellent service today?” bullshit line at the end of each call? I quit about a month after they started making us say that shit.

Oh, and make sure and threaten to quit. They offer you shit to try and get you to stay.

Yeah, they still have the BS question at the end. I exasperatedly just say “as much as you could right now.” It’s not a lie, but it’s far from “yes.”

Unfortunately, the woman I talked to later in the afternoon was savvy enough to figure out how to force me to stay on the contract. Namely, she looked up the start date of the first contract (Feb 10 2005), and put a note in the file (allegedly. Gave me a “confirmation number” and everything) saying that I shouldn’t get shit by way of a cancellation fee when I call in February to end the contract, with both me and Verizon having honored the original terms. Damn her, I was so optimistic about switching to Comcast.

I’ve been with Verizon DSL for 3 years now and I’ve found that it is slower than a cable modem. (Then again, keep in mind that the more cable modems operating in your area, the slower your cable modem connection will be).

I did have a cable modem for about 3 years before Verizon DSL, and AT&T (and not Comcast) was running the cable service. AT&T’s customer service sucked serious rhino. (And that’s putting it mildly).

3 years ago, my cable modem stopped working and it wasn’t just mine but a huge amount of Internet connections in this area. (Maybe the whole damned state. I never could pin down exactly what the problem was or just how many people were affected). Oh and their customer service was filled with an astounding number of uncaring assholes.

How’d you like to be put on hold for an average of 45 fucking minutes? And then when you finally got someone they’d give you a vague and superficial explanation that some problem was occurring someplace and it would be fixed sometime. After 4 days of a non-working internet connection (and being on hold for too much time), I told AT&T to eliminate my cable modem service forever. I went back to dialup for a while (at least dialup works).

My experience with Verizon has been a Hell of a lot better. You can set up the DSL modem yourself instead of some cable doofs having to install the cable modem for you. When there is a problem with DSL, it is a shitload easier to fix on your own OR if you have to call customer service, you don’t wait 45 minutes and the people you talk to actually know something.

So, basically, my experience with Verizon DSL has been much better than with AT&T cable modem service.

And wouldn’t you know that AT&T, being the uncaring corporate conglomerate that it is, sold their cable division to Comcast. So, I cannot say whether Comcast runs things better. (Shit I think Jim “Ernest” Varney could run things better than AT&T).

The DSL modem has never had an “outage” at any time for the 3 years I’ve had it. (Did I mention about my experience with AT&T’s cable modem service? :smiley: )

We were some of the folks who tried to get Verizon DSL and were jerked around for two months before finally being informed that it wasn’t available in our area. Why they couldn’t have told us that up front, I have NO idea.

Then we moved and went with Cox cable, and found their customer service surprisingly helpful. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my hubby knows more about cable modem than most of the customer service people put together and could diagnose the problem for them before we’d call, and he also knew how to work his way up the service tier ladder to get to the folks who could understand what he was talking about (which usually went way over both my head and the heads of the lower tier customer service folks). We had occasional outages, but they would usually get a recording up promptly if it was an area-wide outage, and if it wasn’t, they’d get it fixed usually within a few hours. I was quite pleased with their service.

Now, having moved again, we have Comcast cable and I’ve been even more pleasantly surprised with them. We’ve had exactly no outages in the three months we’ve had the service (except for once when the power went out in a thunderstorm, which wasn’t exactly their fault), and apparently there aren’t many cable users in our area so speeds are lightning fast. I realize they suck donkey balls in other areas, but in our area they’re pretty good. knocks wood

Go with cable. It’s great, and can be noticeably faster than DSL, depending on the number of folks you’re sharing the pipe with, of course.

I have Verizon DSL and it works great. Fast. Service guys came out when they said they would. Easy install.
Comcast Cable.




Their service could only be worse if they tried. However if they tried to provide sucksuck service, they would probably fail and do better.

I have Verizon DSL and Direct TV now and I will never deal with Comcast again.

They called em the other day and wanted me to switch my phone to them. HA!

Oh I certainly agree with your posting. Yes, DSL is very easy to install and for the three years I’ve had it, there hasn’t been one “outage”.
As opposed to calling tech support when the cable modem failed:
“Try changing the Comport from 90 to …”
“Go to the START bar and type in “regedit” …”
“Restart your computer in SAFE mode …”

Also, when I got a new computer when I was using the cable modem, it took a whole weekend just to make it work with the new computer. ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHH !!!
(Talked to lots of tech support people - “Try changing the comport…”)

After I got the DSL Modem when I got a new computer, I disconnected the old one, connected the new one, ran the software disk and I was on the Intenet. (And I did NOT have to spend a weekend talking with %^#@**%@%&^$ tech support !!!)

Verizon jerked me around so badly with their DSL b.s. that I went with BrightHouse Cable for about three years. My darling Marcie, without so much as a word to me, cancelled the cable deal and signed up for Verizon DSL last year due to some sort of super cheap introductory deal. I fear that I spoke harshly to her and then had to grovel when the DSL guy came to activate the service—it has worked almost perfectly from that moment on.

Wait until you have a problem with Comcast.

You’ll see.

I have to echo that Comcast cable is about as bad as it can get for service. As long as your connection works you’ll never have to deal with tech support of course but God help you the moment there is a problem. Missed appointments, useless helpdesk drones, long hold times…you name it. Its the result of no competition, Comcast is the only game in town if I want super fast internet…DSL is far behind speed-wise.

I’ll admit that cable is faster then DSL. But it is really good to know that your internet connection is always going to be working with DSL. Let’s say DSL speed is only 50% that of cable. Well 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

I got rid of the cable modem when AT&T ran things. (See above)

If Comcast handles things the same way, in the words of newcrasher,
*Wait until you have a problem with Comcast.

You’ll see.*

heh heh heh

I’ve had ComCast for a few years now. Never had a problem until recently, when I tried to get three different computers in two rooms online at the same time. At this point, I’m pretty sure it’s my router, but a couple weeks ago, I had a ComCast technician come out and look things over, just in case. Guy comes in, looks at my router and the four fat ethernet cables sticking out the back, and says, “Uh… we don’t do wireless.”


He said it wasn’t anything on their end, but I don’t know if I buy that, given the display of competence mentioned above. Still, since he couldn’t fix anything, he didn’t charge me for the service call, so that’s alright.

Um, you sure he really worked for Comcast? :slight_smile: