Thank You

I’m sure you are very aware of this, but there are a lot of stupid people out there. You have made my day. As a pre-med student, I was teased by my best friend and her parents that if I don’t come to realize that blood is blue, that I would become a louzy doctor. Now of course, I knew the proper reason; blood is red in any case. So I posted this question out to the public of my friends, and a lot of peole seem to really think that blood is blue. I just can’t really believe how stupid people seem to be. So thank you so much for clearing that up for me in a very people (meaning stupid) friendly way.

Milwaukee, WI

p.s. People in the midwest aren’t the smartest bunch, thank god i came from the east coast.

Hi, welcome to the Straight Dope.

I believe you are referencing this article: What color is blood inside the body? If it is red then why do veins look blue?

Please enjoy your visit and wander around for a bit.


Hm…as a midwesterner myself, and somewhat of a smart cookie…

Oh never mind, no offense taken. Like WhatExit said, stroll around and check us out. He’s from the East too, but so far we have little reason to hold that against him. He’s so smart sometimes, it’s almost like he’s one of us.

Ya know, you’d probably get a better response on this message board if you avoid making derogatory blanket statements about such a large group of people.

FTR, I’m from the midwest and am an aerospace engineer. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I’m no rocket scientist.”? Well, I can’t say that.

Blanket, schmanket. Easterners have louzy spelling, but you don’t hear them complaining about it.

I’m a native of Wisconsin, & spent 8 years at Johns Hopkins earning two degrees, one in Medicine, before returning to my home state.

Right now I’m rather unfavorably inclined towards your critical discrimination skills. I could blame the “East Coast” mindset, but that would be wrong of me.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your med school application in a few years, Jacqui dear.


I have no idea why, but somehow, I’ve always thought Qadgop was an expatriate Australian. I feel rather silly now.

It’s the Elven accent.

Actually, on reflection, I think it’s the Vegemite thing.

I woulda thought most would find Qadgop to have hailed from places much further away than Australia!!! :smiley:

He only slithers on hulls as a hobby.

'Yé! utúvienyes! Parwill!

(Quenya for “Lo, I have found it! Vegemite!”)

Well this thread certainly turned in an unexpected way.

I think we scared the Op off. He has not returned.


Who, Jacqui? I think he’s a dame, actually.

I disbelieve there’s a Quenya word for Vegemite.

I’ll believe it for Sindarin, though.

Say, Gimli, do you speak-a my language?

Is this where The Clique hangs out?

Anyone else get a big laugh reading this phrase out of context, or am I just bizarre?

I was born in Milwaukee!

Gimme a bite of that sandwich.