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This be a whoosh, hmm…?

Jackmannii of the Midwezt.
P.S. It is snowing out to the public here.

Despite the uncalled for aspersions cast upon our esteemed colleagues from the Mid West, I have to agree there are an astounding number of folks that seem to believe that blood is in fact blue. That reaction with air turns it red. I drives me fricken nuts. Or that it is a reaction with light that turns it red. Gaaahhhhhh! I don’t think any of the people I remember believing this were from the mid west though, not that there aren’t nutjobs in the mid west, just that I don’t hang out there so I would not know any of them.

To make things worse, that, of course, is partially true.

In the sense that oxygenation turns it a darker red, thanks for doing your part to spread ignorance…

He’s not spreading anything of the type. He’s spreading truth. He’s pointing out that it doesn’t do any good to try and refute stupidity by ignoring reality in the process, even if it is an uncomfortable reality.

So you’re saying blood is blue? Good to know. Need to keep the crackpots separate…

WTF is uncomfortable about knowing that oxygenation turns blood a deeper red when arguing with some idiot that claims it is blue?

Are you saying that blood is blue?

Otherwise askeptic is correct, even if his post was a little snarky.


We can be a little snarky, can’t we? I mean Cecil himself is often “a little” snarky…

You want brilliantly, profoundly, impressively red blood? OD on carbon monoxide sometime. It makes ordinary old fully oxygenated hemoglobin look positively dull.

See QTM you are giving the blue blooders ammunition. Now they will claim that red blood is contaminated with CO, thanks. I know you thought it was funny but you need to think about the harm you do. Remember “First, do no harm.” You are a doctor, many of us know it, and many of us are idiots. Do you really want to promote idiocy? Or do you suggest blood is blue?

I did not mean to imply it was a bad thing. :wink:

Bloody hell. Venous blood (relatively low in oxygen content) is a darker red compared to bright red arterial blood (higher in oxygen content).

Of course, vampires have a more pallid complexion during the day as opposed to nighttime, which just goes to show you.

So you’re saying blood is blue? Whether it is darker or lighter I don’t know, all I said is that IT IS NOT FRICKEN BLUE. Are you saying that it is? If not then what is your point?

Horseshoe crab blood is blue! So yes, some is fricken blue.

So is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s blood.

Therefore THe Queen = Horseshoe Crab. <= logic

Was there something about this thread that gave you the impression that the color of horseshoe crab blood was relevant to the topic being discussed?

I was under the impression that the color of blood was being discussed. Horseshoe crabs have blood, do they not?

I’ve yet to find a post that says “Human” or even “vertebrate” blood.

And perhaps it has some anti-cranky properties that might worth investigating.

Perhaps you thought non-humans or even non vertebrates were reading this? If so, maybe you could share the research upon which you base that conclusion.

Title of the thread is “Thank You”, and perhaps you need to relax a little bit, eh?

The Queen of England is not a horseshoe crab and vampires are not real. Also, there was at least one spelling error in the OP that you perhaps should jump all over.

Sorry, but oxygen makes blood brighter red dark red blood is venous.

To prove that blood is, indeed, red inside the body, watch as blood is drawn into a vacuum tube… red, no blue.