Thank your favorite thread-starter of the week!

It just struck me that I often come upon brilliant threads that I really enjoy, and never thank the OP. So, I would like to thank the following folks for brightening my week:

matt mcl, casdave, rexnervous and StarvingButStrong - for the Fantastic Feline threads.

MonkeyMensch and Whuckfistle - for leading the countdown to 1,000,000 posts.

Zenster, Bullwinkle and Johnny L.A. - for making me laugh out loud.

Here’s your chance to thank the creative thread-starters who made you smile this week!

I’d like to thank Eve for the farting nun organ. I didn’t post to the thread, but I sent the link to all my near and dear.

I also laughed out loud at this thread from Silly Dog.

Excellent choices!

Thank you Zeldar for this thread

Thank you, ralph124c, for Old Ad Jingles You remember which was a fun stroll down memory lane.

And thanks to you, boobah, for the favorable reaction to that silliness.

Oh, and thanks to Blonde for a damned fine idea!

Perhaps we could expand the horizon of the choices to something like three months, or six, or maybe even a year.

It would take the old-timers who have stuck with it all this time to be able to judge, maybe even to nominate, the Best Ever SDMB Threads.

But the idea has great appeal to me.

the Best Ever SDMB Threads!

That’s a good idea. There have been some great ones.

I promised her a shout-out, so here it is: I nominate hillbilly queen for Sex would be cool if we had prehensile tails.

Everyone who contributed to this thread, making it an Instant Straight Doper Classic.

Phlosopher and his threads lately have been very good, and I am still sad he didn’t go really maniac, only money manic. :smiley:

Lobsang deserves a shout out too as his threads are always a good hit.

A special mention, I feel, should go to, hyperjes for her recent thread on finding her birthdad. That was a edge of the seat happening for me.

And then, the irrepressible lieu and his " could you fart so hard you get whiplash" thread. Damn near peed my pants over the title alone.

Thank you for showing my where the whole ‘Death Ray’ thing started. I’ve been trying to figure it out for days.

Here’s the follow-up

Thanks, Blonde. Now if only I could remember what I say! (Things tend to come out of my mouth or off of my fingers without a filter.)

Your Jokes? I Got Nun. thread - very amusing (bet a few Catholics are in confession for posting to it)!

:smack: I had forgotten about that one!

BTW, I cut and pasted the jokes that were there as of yesterday morning and sent them to a couple of guys in the office. One of them in particular likes Catholic humour. He has pictures of himself that he has altered with white-out and black markers to make himself look like a nun. I found an ad in the paper a few weeks ago, for a Catholic comedy that featured a guy in a habit. The guy looked exactly like my co-worker. I cut it out and gave it to him. I’m not Catholic, so I don’t know the traditions; but he cut the photo from the ad and put it in a little folder and wrote “Sister Mary Rene” on it.

Hm. Maybe I should start a thread about Coworker Antics?

Blonde you’re very welcome. Thank you for a very thoughtful thread.


Eve for the Farting Nuns

All involved in the 1,000,000 countdown and the Scalar Weapons thread.

Flamsterette_X for the Bubble Tea thread.

That bubble tea thread meant that much to you, Mudshark? Wow… all I can say is that I didn’t expect to have my name mentioned in this type of thread! Thanks!

I have to go now, otherwise I’d sit around and think about MY favorite thread-starters of the week. Maybe I’ll come back to this thread later when my poor home computer is cooperating! (I’m currently posting from my brother’s computer)


Phlosphr for his kitty thread. I’m wondering if the little darling is still clawing the walls, though. Time for an update.

Of course, autie em for the missing co-worker thread, which is now the stuff of legend. Lobsang for his story thread, which got surreal, but was still fun, and of course, Dave, who hasn’t started anything recently, but has two threads nearing the 1,000 post mark each. Scylla’s waterbed of doom and mexican bordello threads were hilarious.

I enjoy “What type of ____ are you?” things.