Thanks for hitting my truck and leaving, you sh*tbag.

I just wanted to say a nice big FUCK YOU to you, wherever you are. Twenty minutes ago you sideswiped my truck which is parked right in front of my house and instead of acting like a responsible person you just turned the corner and took off.

Yes I saw you you flaming sack of feces. It happened right in front of me, I was standing in front of that huge window not ten feet from the sidewalk, the room all lit up with halogen bulbs while I was finishing some drywall in my family room. The thump was loud enough to get my attention and my neighbor across the street heard it as well. There is no way in hell that you didn’t notice it unless you were drunk or high and if that’s the case you should be stuffed with rusty nails and have your license revoked.

Jerk. When I was 18 and I rear-ended a car I was scared stiff but I sure as hell stopped, made sure that the other guy was OK, apologized and told him that I’d make good on any damage that was done. If you would’ve pulled over and knocked on my door I would have been a little unhappy but we’d have handled it like adults, no big deal. Now I pray that you get a neverending case of painful genital itchiness.

Show some character next time you twit.


You get his/her lisence plate?

My sister’s car and the car parked behind her were sideswiped by a guy driving a big, clearly lettered commercial vehicle which kept going. There were enough neighbors outside when it happened that they not only got the name of the company, but the phone number that was painted on the side. The company did make good on the damage, and I’m guessing someone lost his job over that incident.

Arg! That pisses me off so much.

I was pretty lucky when it happened to me. A couple of weeks ago, I drove my sister’s car to work, and parked it in the lot out front of the federal government building in which I work. A couple of my colleagues and one of the commissionaires of the building saw some jerk hit my sister’s car (hard enough that her car actually moved). One of my colleagues chased after him, yelling at him to stop, but succeeded only in getting his plate number.

The police sent him a letter, and if he hasn’t presented himself by the end of this week, they’ll hunt him down. Yay!

I really hope you got the plate number!

Hi ValGuard.

Ok, I’m gonna cut right to the chase here. You have an excellent thread title. I’m gonna give ya about a 9.1 on the title.

Now if you could, turn your thread around. Wow… nice. You have an excellent thread going on, it’s about a 9.5 on the thread.

Overall you have great thread appeal, I think you have to work on it a little bit. But I have a feeling when you grow up, your’re gonna show a lot of posters up. About a 9.5 on thread appeal.

Valgard , that sucks. I’m so sorry. But - I can commiserate.

Someone hit my parked car, on my street, in front of my apartment building, WHILE I WAS STANDING NEXT TO IT GETTING ITEMS OUT OF THE BACKSEAT. Yes, that’s right.

The person was parallel parking, pulled up parallel to the curb, and was backing up to close the distance in between my (parked, stationary) car and hers. She was driving a Jeep Liberty - brand new. I think she wasn’t too used to the size, because her spare tire on the back cracked the grill and dented the hood on my Nissan Sentra riceburner. She then proceeded to get out of the car and said, “Oh, I’ll just pull up and see if it pops out.”

I was dumbfounded, and told her, “Well, I was standing right next to the car, and from the sound it made, nothing is going to ‘pop out’.”

So she pulls forward, and nothing indeed “popped out”. The exchange then went like this:

DAD (Dumb Ass Driver): “I’d prefer to handle this with cash.”
ME: “I’d prefer to handle this through your insurance.”
DAD: “Well, I can’t have another accident on my insurance.”
ME: “Well, then maybe you should learn how to drive your car.”
DAD: “Why are you being such a bitch?”
ME: “I’m not being a bitch, I’m handling this the legal, correct way. If you don’t get out your insurance information right now, I’m calling the cops.”

She then gave me her insurance info, and then I gave her mine. My insuance carrier is USAA, and she questioned whether it was “real insurance” or not. :rolleyes:

So, after a good 15 minute exchange of her telling me I was being “mean” and “a bitch”, I got all of the information I needed.

I then got in my car, called my insurance company, and then hers. I reported everything, my story wsa the same to both companies.

So I take the next day off to wait for the adjustor/estimate. Do you know that when her insurance company called me the next day, they had gotten the incident reversed and faulted me?!?!? That took another three hours to fix. I was so livid.

So, I reported her for insurance fraud - both to her carrier and mine. This person obviously lives on my street in Chicago, but their car was registered in a far southwestern suburb. I also told both companies that she tried to settle with me for cash.

Fucker. That doesn’t even begin to go into the dent and the cracked side mirror I came outside to find on my car.

Oh - and yme ? I think rant scoring has gone the way of the dinosaur. What is your damage?

Thanks for the responses everyone.

No unfortunately I didn’t get the plate - this happened about 8-ish last night, it was dark out. I was working, heard a “thump” and looked up to see the car stop and then turn the corner (I have a corner house so the driver didn’t have far to go). There was a second of “Huh?” on my part followed by “Oh damnit I bet that bastard hit my truck”. Grabbed a flashlight and ran outside in my bare feet, first thing that I did was check my vehicle, not go running down the street after the car.

My neighbour from across the street came out at the same time, he’d seen and heard it as well but also didn’t see the plate.

Good news is that the damage is pretty minor - messed up paint but no dent or gouge. All in all I’m more upset just because of the principle of the thing - minor or not, I don’t want to have to pay because some SOB damaged my property and then didn’t have the decency to 'fess up.

YME - ok, thanks for the score but can you dance to it?

Would your insurance pay for something like that?